Hello Kitty Giant PEZ Dispenser

Hello Kitty Giant pez candy dispenser

There is Hello Kitty but this time the famous kitten looks a bit different. OK she still has the typical Hello Kitty head with red bow but the rest of her body is straight and red.

Yes you already noticed it to that this Hello Kitty is a PEZ candy dispenser.
And not just a small dispenser either no this is a giant 12″ Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser.

And this Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser comes with 12 packs of PEZ candies to go in to the dispenser.

If you want this Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser for your collecntion then be quick as there are not made any more so when all of them are sold then the party is over.

Come check out this Hello Kitty Giant PEZ Candy Dispenser. 

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