buy Hello Kitty Personal Alarm

Hello Kitty Personal Alarm

Now you can feel safe on the go all thanks to this Hello Kitty Personal Alarm.

The personal alarm looks a lot like a key chain with the head of Hello Kitty on it but there is a hand strap that has a pin on it and when you don’t feel safe then hold the strap and pull it when in distress because then the alarm will give you a really loud noise of 140db.

Kids or adults that want to feel safer on the go can now do so all thanks to Hello Kitty. Just have her hanging on your backpack, handbag or maybe even your jacket so that she is ready to sound the alarm.

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buy Hello Kitty Padlock

Hello Kitty Padlock

Now there is a fun Hello Kitty Padlock.

This is a small lock that is TSA approved so that you can use it on your suitcase while traveling and besides that, you can use the Hello Kitty lock on lockers and other things you want a lock on.

The padlock looks like the head of Hello Kitty complete with her red bow and the red bow can also be found on the keys so that it is easy to find the right key for the lock on your key chain.

Any Hello Kitty fan that needs a lock should take a closer look at this as it is just so fun to have.

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buy Pink Hello Kitty Light Switch Plate

Pink Hello Kitty Light Switch Plate

Now you can have a Hello Kitty Light Switch Plate to help with turning on the light.

If you child love Hello Kitty or maybe even yourself and would like to make your room look a bit more fun then changing the light switch cover with this is a great way to add Hello Kitty to your room.

The swtich plate is pink in color with hearts and the face of Hello Kitty in the background and then on top you can find Hello Kitty twice and her name.

Changing this plate is easy and you don’t have to turn the power off just get a screwdriver and you are all set.

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buy Lots Of Letters Hello Kitty Car Sun Shade

Lots Of Letters Hello Kitty Car Sun Shade

Block out the sun with this Lots Of Letters Hello Kitty Car Sun Shade.

If you really like Hello Kitty and want your car look amazing when parked then you just need this Hello Kitty car sun shade.

The sun shade folds down so that you can easily store it like behind your seat or in the back.

On the sun shade you can see lots of letters in the background and all are Hello Kitty related and you even find her head and bow on it and then on top of all that you can find a picture of Hello Kitty as if she is looking out of the window.

The sun shade is made to block out all the sun from entering your front window keeping your car cooler while you are parked and then it will be ready for when you like to go for a drive.

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buy Hello Kitty Cupcake Squishy

Hello Kitty Cupcake Squishy

Now you can have fun with this Hello Kitty Cupcake Squishy.

Squishy toys are popular with kids and adults and they are kind of like a stress toy only more fun.

This time the squishy looks like a cupcake in pink and white and on top of the cupcake you can find the face of Hello Kitty.

This Hello Kitty stress toy is for ages older than 3 years and will be great for adults too as you can really squish them too a really small size and they when you let it go it goes back to the normal shape.

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buy Hello Kitty Polka Dot Hooded Bath Robe

Hello Kitty Polka Dot Hooded Bath Robe

Hello Kitty fans will definitely want to add this to their clothing wardrobe, a super soft, super stylish plush hooded bath robe.

This is an all light pink robe that has white polka dots all over it with the hood being the feature. Find an all white hood with ears, face and bow looking just like Hello Kitty.

Made to be very soft from plush material with two front pockets as well as a pink polka dot tie string around the waist. The Hello Kitty hooded bath robe is available in a wide selection of sizes that go from Small to XL.

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buy Hello Kitty Sunglasses

Hello Kitty Sunglasses

If you Hello Kitty and summer are on your mind then you should check out this Hello Kitty sunglasses.

These women’s sunglasses are available in many colors like white, black, pink, and more and on the sunglasses you can find a little red Hello Kitty bow and some of the whiskers to make it really look like Hello Kitty.

And these fun sunglasses are UV400 and offer 100% UV protection.

As the sun is not always out you want to protect your eye where and that is why they include a drawstring bag to protect your sunglasses.

Get your Hello Kitty Sunglasses

buy Red And White Hello Kitty Mug

Red And White Hello Kitty Mug

Now there is a fun red and white Hello Kitty mug that is just perfect for hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.

The Hello Kitty mug has a red handle and lower half and the rest of the mug is white and then on top of the red and white you can find Hello Kitty and and some of his friends and you can also find some writing in a language I can’t understand.

The mug is 11oz and made from ceramic and is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Just owning a fun Hello Kitty mug is so much better then just a plain boring mug so it would be perfect to have one.

Get your Red And White Hello Kitty Mug

buy Hello Kitty ID Badge Holders

Hello Kitty ID Badge Holders

If you have an ID card and like Hello Kitty then you just have to check out this set Hello Kitty ID badge holders.

The set includes 4 different badge holder all have a different Hello Kitty design and all look amazing.

On the back of the badge holder it has a clip so that you can have it on your clothes or bag and there is a retractable system so that you never really have to unclip it.

A bage holder like this is great for access badges, ski passes, keys and many other things.

Get your Hello Kitty ID Badge Holders

buy Super Hello Kitty Air Freshener

Super Hello Kitty Air Freshener

If you like a fun thing dangling on your car mirror then you should check out this super Hello Kitty air freshener.

The air freshener smells like vanilla and looks like Hello Kitty as a superhero ridding a scooter.

An air freshener like this is great for for all the Hello Kitty fans and besides having one in the car you can choose to have this one on different place like maybe in your garage, sports locker or anywhere else that it does not smells really fresh.

And as Hello Kitty is dressed in red and black as a superhero this is great fun to have if you like superhero’s in general.

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