buy Joker HA HA HA Necktie

Joker HA HA HA Necktie

Joker Ha Ha Ha Necktie

Are you ready to go out and reek some havoc on Gotham City. If so then do not forget your awesome Joker HA HA HA necktie.

On this premium necktie you will see a very sharp stitched on array of the word ” HA ” all over in a series of patterns. The rest of the tie is in a deep purple color. Exactly what you see the Joker wearing in many different Batman series and DC Comics series.

The Joker HA HA HA necktie measures approximately 15 1/4 inches in length x 3 inches in width. It is made to be very durable and has a high quality feel, perfect for any occasion.

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