buy Batman With Santa Hat Kids Christmas Sweater

Batman With Santa Hat Kids Christmas Sweater

The holidays are coming and the kids will be happy when you get them this Batman With Santa Hat Kids Christmas Sweater.

The dark grey kids Christmas sweater shows a big picture of Batman and he is wearing a Santa Claus hat that has the famous Batman symbol on it.

You can get this Batman Christmas sweater in many kids sizes from toddlers to the older kids and all these sweaters are made from 96% acrylic and 4% nylon.

The fun holiday sweater has many fun details but is all about the big Batman image that shows the festive version of the Dark Knight.

Get your Batman With Santa Hat Kids Christmas Sweater

buy Wonder Woman Stars Boot Print Leggings

Wonder Woman Stars Boot Print Leggings

If you are looking for a serious workout pair of tights, yoga pants or just a great pair of leggings then DC Comics Wonder Woman is here for you with these amazing leggings.

On these leggings you will find all of the colors and logos that represent DC Comics Wonder Woman. Starting at the bottom you have a red and white boot print with the upper thigh part of the leggings all blue with white stars and a big gold star. The waist is red with a gold Wonder Woman logo.

Made to be very durable and comfortable from the perfect material blend of polyester and spandex giving you a lightweight, soft and breathable legging that will draw attention for sure.

Get your Wonder Woman Stars Boot Print Leggings

buy Kids Wonder Woman Rain Boots

Kids Wonder Woman Rain Boots

Now the rain can come because there are these Kids Wonder Woman Rain Boots.

Now your little superhero can have all the fun in the puddles and rain all thanks to these amazing looking rain boots.

The Wonder Woman boots come in many toddler and kids sizes so that many kids can enjoy them.

The bottom part of the boots are light blue with white stars and the top part is red with the famous Wonder Woman logo and in between the blue and red you find a yellow part and all looks a lot like the Wonder Woman outfit.

And these kids rain boots also have yellow loops to make it easy for the kids to put them on.

Get your Kids Wonder Woman Rain Boots

buy Superman Logo And Lights Christmas Sweater

Superman Logo And Lights Christmas Sweater

This Christmas you can be dressed in this Superman Logo And Lights Christmas Sweater.

The holiday sweater is Superman blue with on it a banner with trees and snowflakes and there are more snowflakes on the rest of the sweater. On the blue sweater you can find the famous Superman logo in red and yellow and it seems to be entangled in Christmas lights.

You can get this super Christmas sweater in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

This year you can’t get an ugly Christmas sweater all because of this sweater that is just amazing looking.

Get your Superman Logo And Lights Christmas Sweater

buy Batman Comic Lounge Pants

Batman Comic Lounge Pants

If you like to be comfy then come check out these Batman Comic Lounge Pants.

You can get these Batman pajama pants in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from preshrunk cotton and would look great on both men and women.

The sleepwear has a cool design as one leg shows a action picture Batman and the other leg shows comic bubbles with text inside it and there is the Batman logo in between those bubble too.

so now you can lounge around the home on the weekend or maybe taking good night sleep if you like cool pajama pants.

Get your Batman Comic Lounge Pants

buy Superman Logo Duvet Cover

Superman Logo Duvet Cover

Now Superman fans can sleep in style all thanks to this Superman logo duvet cover.

The duvet cover is white on the back but the front is what it is all about as it is dark blue in color and has the famous red and yellow logo as used by Supergirl and Superman.

You can get this Superman duvet cover in many sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King. The duvet cover has a hidden zipper and even some tie down straps inside so that your duvet will sit securely inside it.

Now you can sleep under this soft duvet cover and dream about the DC Comics superhero’s.

Get your Superman Logo Duvet Cover

buy Many Batman Logo’s Mug

Many Batman Logo’s Mug

Now every Batman fan can have a cool mug for their coffee as this is the many Batman logo’s mug.

The ceramic Batman mug is white and on the outside it is covered in many black Batman logo’s and to make it even cooler they even added a giant yellow and black Batman symbol that is placed directly opposite of the handle.

You can get this bat signal mug in an 11 and 15 oz version and both are microwave and dishwasher safe and they are made from premium ceramic.

A mug like this can be used by all Batman fans for all their favorite drinks.

Get your Many Batman Logo’s Mug

buy Kids LEGO Robin Halloween Costume

Kids LEGO Robin Halloween Costume

Now you can be ready for the dress up holiday with this kids LEGO Robin Halloween costume.

The costume is based on Robin from the LEGO Batman costume and it has everything you need besides normal pants and shoes.

The Halloween costume has a body that looks a lot like the a true LEGO figure and it has a yellow cape and the typical head of a LEGO figure as a mask and there are green hands too to make your child look like a true LEGO figure that just walked out of the LEGO Batman movie.

An fun outfit as fun like this is great for Halloween or cosplay and even just playing at home.

Get your Kids LEGO Robin Halloween Costume

buy Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament

Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament

This Christmas you can choose to have a Wonder Woman Christmas ornament in your tree.

The Wonder Woman Christmas tree ornament is made by Hallmark in their keepsake series.

The ornament shows Wonder Woman in a battle mode complete with a fisted hand and the other holding up her shield and she is is hiding her head behind.

Maybe Wonder Woman in battle mode is not really festive but it is cool and this ornament is one you can keep out after the holidays too as there is not something specific for the holidays with Wonder Woman.

Get your Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament

buy 2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar

2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar

Now you can have your favorite villain on your calendar because now there is this 2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar.

The wall calendar has many images from the Suicide Squad movie including many of Harley Quinn herself but even some of The Joker.

Besides the big images there is also a big calendar grid that has the day numbers places in red diamonds as that is so typical Harley Quinn.

The calendar has lots of room for your appointments and has all the major holiday on there too so that you know what day of the week it will be Christmas.

Get your 2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar

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