buy Amity Island Welcomes You Shower Curtain

Amity Island Welcomes You Shower Curtain

Jaws Amity Island Welcomes You Shower Curtain

Remember the movie Jaws and the scene where they are standing in front of a big promotion sign for Amity Island?

Now you can have this sign as a shower curtain.

A true Jaws fans is gone love this shower curtain on witch you can see the ocean with boats and a lady floating on the foreground and yes I think someone even put a shark fin on the sign. In front there of course is the banner that says “Beach Closed by order of Amity Police dept.” and finally above all that the text “Amity Island Welcomes You”.

And this Jaws shower curtain is 71 x 77 inch making it the perfect size for almost any bathroom.

So if you like sharks in your bath tub then you just need this Jaws Amity Island Welcomes You Shower Curtain.

buy Jaws Amity Island Surf Shop T-Shirt

Jaws Amity Island Surf Shop T-Shirt

Jaws Amity Island Surf Shop T-Shirt

Fans of Jaws all know about Amity island the place where Jaws showed it’s tricks.

And now there is a fun t-shirt from the Amity island surf shop.

On this t-shirt you can see the words “Amity Island Surf Shop” and a nice green surf board that even has the word “Jaws” printed on it. All seem perfect just like the beach and ocean of Amity island. But wait there seems to be a part missing of this surf board.

Yes this t-shirt looks so perfect there still are signs of Jaws the big white shark.

And this 100% cotton Jaws t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 5XL and is perfect for any lover of sharks.

Come take a better look at this Jaws Amity Island Surf Shop T-Shirt.

buy Swimming Jaws T-Shirt

Swimming Jaws T-Shirt

Jaws T-Shirt from Amity Island

This t-shirt looks like it is from the time the Jaws movies where made and that is a good things as it is a Jaws t-shirt.

Of course the t-shirt is brand new but the picture on it looks worn and on that picture you see the sea and a beacon with a swimmer just like we all remember from that scene in the Jaws movies. Beside that picture it says “Jaws” and “Amity Island” on the t-shirt.

The Jaws t-shirt is grey and comes in sizes Small – 2Xlarge and would look great on you next Shark week party.

So if you like Jaws then you just need this Jaws Amity Island T-Shirt.

buy Jaws Quint’s Shark Fishing T-Shirt

Jaws Quint’s Shark Fishing T-Shirt

Jaws Quint's Shark Fishing T-Shirt SHARK WEEK

Bring back the memories of the classic movie Jaws by wearing this t-shirt.

On this t-shirt you see a big Shark and the words “Quint’s Shark Fishing Amity Island” lets hope Quint brings a big enough boat this time.

This navy blue t-shirt comes in an wide range of sizes and of course make a perfect t-shirt for Shark week to.

And this Jaws t-shirt is made from 100% pre shrunk cotton so that it will be the  perfect size before and after washing it.

Time to go Shark fishing with this Jaws Quint’s Shark Fishing T-Shirt.

Amity Island Police T-Shirt

The Amity Island Police normally just keeps the tourist informed when enjoying there beach holidays but one day this all changed.

Yes you got it right it all changed when Jaws decided that it was hungry. Now you can show the world that you still remember this classic movie that got us all go to see it.

Check out this cool Amity Police T-Shirt.