buy Pickle Rick Car Seat Cover

Pickle Rick Car Seat Cover

Now you can pimp your ride with this Pickle Rick Car Seat Cover.

Rick and Morty fans that love a pickle and need something cool for in their car can now put these car seat covers on their worn seats. The seat covers are dark green in color and on the back of the seat it has a big picture of Pickle Rick and on the head rest it says “Pickle Rick!”.

So now you can go for a road trip with Rick the Pickle as you copilot.

Anyone that likes Rick and Morty and has horrible looking seats in their car can now dress them up in a pickle.

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buy Hello Kitty Pink Seat Covers

Hello Kitty Pink Seat Covers

Hello Kitty Pink Seat Covers

Spice up your car with the adorable Hello Kitty.

These car seat covers feature the cute Hello Kitty on the front of them with her pink bow on the headrest covers and the text stitched on “HELLO KITTY”, also the rest of the car seat covers are the classic soft pink.

Included in this set is 2 top seat covers, 2 bottom seat covers, and 2 headrest covers, these are made to be universal fitting for smaller car seats.

Seat covers will help protect your car seats original color and alleviate wear and tear, made from polyester they also do not absorb heat or cold, so you can be comfortable in any tempurature.

Try out the Hello Kitty Pink Seat Covers.

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