buy Hundley Dashshund Plush

Hundley Dashshund Plush

Here we have Handley the dashshund from the Curious George stories.

And beside being know as Handley you may also know him as Prezel from an other story by the same autohor H.A. Rey.

This plush dog is 14″ and of course really soft and also bendable.

If you are a Curious Dog fan or have kids that can’t live without him then┬áthis dachshund is what to get.

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buy Curious George Rollerblade Plush

Curious George Rollerblade Plush

Curious George RollerBlade Plush Monkey

Kids love Curious George and this Curious George plush monkey will be loved and played with for a long long time.

This is a 12″ plush monkey and he comes with a DVD to. The included DVD contains the Curious George Roller Monkey episode so that the kids can see George in action while they hug and cuddle with their own roller monkey.

The rollerblade gear is stuck to Curious George so that pieces can’t get lost or eaten.

Come have a closer look at this Curious George Roller Monkey Plush.

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