buy Curious George Jack in the Box

Curious George Jack in the Box

What a special way to show your love for Curious George with a classic Jack in the Box.

This is a Jack in the Box that is based after the fun loving character Curious George. Find a box that is yellow and red in color with great images of Curious George looking in wonder at a flower.

When you turn the crank a song tune of “Pop Goes the Weasel” plays and the lid will pop open revealing a plush Curious George monkey that jumps up.

The box is made from a high quality and sturdy metal material and stands 5.5 inches tall when closed. What a great and unique gift or collectors item for the Jack in the Box and Curious George fan.

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buy Fast & Curious George T-Shirt

Fast & Curious George T-Shirt

Anyone that want a cool shirt should check out this Fast & Curious George T-Shirt.

You can get this Curious George t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in many colors and lots of sizes going up all the way to an adults 10XL and you can even get this as baby bodysuits and hoodies.

On the t-shirt you can see an image of Curious George and this time the money is wearing some cool shades and holding its arms folded to look even more amazing. And then below the monkey it says “Fast & Curious” which is also a pun to Fast and Furious only this time with the Curious George monkey.

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buy Curious George Chair

Curious George Chair

Now the kids can sit in style all thanks to this Curious George Chair.

This kids chair looks like you are sitting on Curious George.

It is a nice a fluffy chair that has a nice soft foam lining so that it is nice and soft to sit on and it is made for kids ages 18months+.

The chair looks like the monkey with the face of Curious George as the backrest and the seat itself is red and it says “Curious George” on it and on the arm rest and bottom you can see all the paws of this funny monkey.

Kids are going to love this cute monkey and want to sit on it all the time.

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buy Curious George Patch

Curious George Patch

Now you can have Curious George on all your clothing all thanks to this Curious George patch.

The clothing patch looks just like the head of Curious George and that is why you need it for decorating or fixing the kids clothes.

And you can use this patch for other things to like maybe making a Curious George backpack or sun hat.

The Curious George clothing patch is iron on for each and quick installing but you can sew it on to.

And this patch is about 4 x 3 inches and cut shape.

Kids will love you forever because you added Curious George to their clothing.

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buy Curious George Monkey Mask

Curious George Monkey Mask

If you want to be like Curious George then you need this Curious George monkey mask.

The felt mask comes in a kids and a adult size and are just amazing.

Now you can play to be Curious George and monkey around the home or you can use this face mask as part of you Curious George costume for cosplay or Halloween.

The adorable monkey mask have an elastic to keep it in place so that they are easy to put on a take of by kids and that makes it fun for them because they can be Curious George when ever they want.

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buy Laughing Curious George T-Shirt

Laughing Curious George T-Shirt

If you like Curious George and need a new t-shirt then you want this laughing Curious George t-shirt that comes in styles for kids and adults.

On the t-shirt you can see Curious George with two hands in front of his mouth with to happy looking eyes above it and to me that looks like someone laughing in his hands because something naughty happened and this funny monkey does fun things so it could be that he did something naughty and fun.

You can get this Curious George t-shirt in many styles and sizes for both kids and adults and yes it does come in many fun colors too so that you really get the t-shirt you want to have.

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buy Curious George Who Me? Bodysuit

Curious George Who Me? Bodysuit

If you like your baby to have a cool bodysuit then you should check out this Curious George Who me? bodysuit.

The Curious George baby bodysuit is blue and made from 100% preshrunk cotton and is available in sizes from 6 – 24 months.

On the bodysuit you can find the monkey Curious George and behind him, you can see a broken flower pot and beside him, it says “Who Me?” and he looks like he could have broken the pot.

Below the fun image, it says “Curious George” so that everyone will know that it is Curious George baby clothes.

I am sure that your little one is going to look stunning in this Curious George outfit.

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buy Little Kids Curious George Sock Slippers

Little Kids Curious George Sock Slippers

If your child loves Curious George and needs some slippers then these Curious George sock slippers are just perfect.

The slippers are red with a yellow cuff and on the top of the foot the head of the Curious George monkey.

Slippers like this are just great fun to look at and I am sure it will make it a lot easier for you to make you child to wear slippers because George is right there with every step they make and while they are playing around.

And these Curious George slippers have a non-slip bottom to keep your kids safe while running around.

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buy Curious George Baby Bodysuit

Curious George Baby Bodysuit

If you are looking for some cute baby clothes then you should check out this Curious George baby bodysuit.

The white romper comes in baby sizes 6 – 24 months and shows the image of Curious George white he seems to be jumping out of a round hole and just below it you find the name of this curious monkey.

And this bodysuit is made from 100% bamboo cotton and that makes it soft and comfy for the baby and the snaps at the bottom make it easy to change a dirty diaper.

A romper with no legs and short sleeves is just what you need for your infant and that it has Curious George on it makes it a big plus.

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buy Curious George Face Hoodie For Kids

Curious George Face Hoodie For Kids

If you toddler loves Curious George then this hoodie is what they need.

The hoodie is brown and the hood has a yellow lining with bananas on it and on top of the hood there are monkey ears. On the front of the zip-up hoodie, you find a big picture of the face of Curious George and he looks happy to be there.

The Curious George hoodie comes in sizes T2, T3, and T4 and I am sure that some adults are going to be sad as this only fits kids.

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