buy Sing Movie Ash 13 Inch Plush

Sing Movie Ash 13 Inch Plush

Ash is a punk rocker crested porcupine that has mixed emotions of being second to her boy friend or busting out on her own in the awesome animated movie Sing. If you love Ash then here is a great plush doll to show it.

This plush doll has all of the features that Ash has in the movie Sing. Her giant fuzzy hair portrays the porcupine quills, a friendly face, black and white striped shirt, plaid skirt and blue shoes.

Standing at a height of 13 inches this plush doll of Ash is made to be durable and last while also very soft and cuddly to become that perfect companion.

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buy Finding Dory Baby Dory 8 Inch Plush

Finding Dory Baby Dory 8 Inch Plush

Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.

Yes that is the motto for little Dory, big Dory and any Dory.

This is a plush Dory that looks just like the baby Dory does in the fun animated Disney Pixar movie of Finding Dory. Find the two tones of blue, little yellow tail fin and yellow tipped side fins. To top off this baby Dory you see the giant adorable Dory eyes that will just melt your heart.

Made from a very soft and fuzzy plush material that has many of it’s features done with a durable embroidered style. The belly is filled with beans to give it some weight and character. The Baby Dory plush measures 8 inches in total length.

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buy Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Plush

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Plush

If you like Tsum Tsum characters then you have to check out this Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum plush.

The cute Disney character became so much more fun thanks to the Tsum Tsum design.

This is a mini Tsum Tsum plush and is a 3 1/2 inches long and stackable so that you can add them to your stack of Tsum Tsum plushes you have or Mickey can be the one that starts the collection.

The originally from Japan Tsum characters are adorable and as they are based on a Disney character one of those things that belong in your Disney collection.

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buy Baymax Plush Funko Fabrikations

Baymax Plush Funko Fabrikations

This Baymax plush is something every Big Hero 6 fan needs.

The plush is part of the Funko Fabrikations series and has number 24 on the box.

The plush Baymax looks just like the real Baymax did in the Big Hero 6 movie only a whole lot smaller so that you can cuddle with it whenever you want.

And Baymax is not a little kids toy, it is rated ages 14 and up.

The Baymax plush has a rotating head so that he can look where ever you want him to.

And Baymax comes in a nice box to that you can keep as his little home for when you are not playing with this adorable Big Hero 6 star.

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buy DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

Now there is a Trolls plush of DJ Suki and it’s not just a plush it is also a pillow buddy so she is great for sleeping to.

The plush of DJ Suki is 22 inches tall and yes she is wearing her headphones because she is a DJ so she needs them.

Now you can cuddle play and sleep with your favorite Trolls character DJ Suki.

Suki is always dressed for a party and her happy face could be the first thing you see in the morning.

Kids will love to have this plush Trolls character so why not add it to the collection.

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buy Toothless 12″ Plush Dragon

Toothless 12″ Plush Dragon

There is Toothless the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon but now as a plush toy for kids and adults.

This black plush is about 12 inches tall and rated ages 4 and up.

And yes the Toothless plush looks exactly like he did in the How To Train Your Dragon movies and that makes it so cool to own one for yourself.

The black dragon will play nice with all your other plush toys that you already have and that makes him the perfect addition to your plush collection.

By owning Toothless you will be reminded how amazing the How To Train Your Dragon movies are every time you look at the plush dragon.

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buy Ron Weasley Plush

Ron Weasley Plush

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are great friends and if you would like Ron to be your friend to then you just need to get this Ron Weasley plush.

This plush shows a chibi Ron Weasley but it is clearly him with his freckles and red hair and wearing his robe and scarf.

The plush of Ron Weasley is about 6 inches tall and that makes him the perfect size to be your sidekick instead of Harry’s.

You can have the plush of Ron Weasley by your side whenever you like and he just looks so cute that it will be hard to leave him alone.

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buy Winnie the Pooh Medium Tsum Tsum Plush

Winnie the Pooh Medium Tsum Tsum Plush

Tsum Tsum plush toys are very popular and now there is a Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum plush that needs a home.

This is the medium size Tsum Tsum plush and it looks just like Winnie the Pooh in a strange sausage kind of way.

Having this Winnie the Pooh plush is fun and I am sure that you can find the perfect spot for it. And the 11-inch plush is great for kids and adults the only thing that counts is that you have to love plush animals and preferably honey bears like Pooh.

Come adopt this Winnie the Pooh plush and make this bear really happy.

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buy The Walking Dead Tyreese Mopeez Plush

The Walking Dead Tyreese Mopeez Plush

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and you like Tyreese then this plush is what you need.

This Mopeez plush is about 5 inches tall and show Tyreese sitting down and he looks just like the real character in The Walking Dead TV series only this fellow’s eyes are kinda empty but maybe that happens to you when you kill so many walkers.

The plush is rated ages 3+ but it may be more of a collectors toy than something really for kids.

If you want your The Walking Dead collection to be complete then Tyreese should not be missing and have him as a plush could give you a reason to cuddle him.

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buy Captain America Medium Tsum Tsum Plush

Captain America Medium Tsum Tsum Plush

If you like plush toys and Captain America then you are going to love this Tsum Tsum toy.

The Tsum Tsum toys are round and specially made for Disney and as they own Marvel there now is this perfect round cute Captain America plush that is safe to play with ages 3 months and up.

This is a medium size Tsum Tsum and it is 11 inches.

And yes this Captain America Tsum Tsum has its shield and the typical outfit you expect from this Marvel superhero.

Even if you are not a plush toy person this special Captain America plush just belongs in your superhero collection.

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