buy Shrek And Donkey Sticker

Shrek And Donkey Sticker

Now you can have this fun Shrek And Donkey Sticker that is great fun for anyone that love the Shrek movies.

We all know that Shrek and Donkey are two of the main characters of the Shrek movies and on this sticker you can see Shrek holding up Donkey and they seem to be big friends.

This Shrek sticker is cut to shape so that you can stick it to almost any flat surface and it is even available in many sizes so that you can get the perfect sticker for you need.

A fun sticker like this can go onto almost anything so just pick the perfect spot.

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Shrek Wallet

A blue Shrek wallet with a picture of Shrek and Donkey

Do you kids need a wallet to store there money? This Shrek wallet can be the one to get.

This wallet has lots of room for coins and more yes even pictures and id cards.

It looks great to in dark blue and a picture of Shrek and Donkey and the words “can i get a whoop, whoop?”

And if you like it to then why not get one for yourself?

Go check out this Blue Shrek Wallet.

Shrek All Ears T-Shirt

shrek and donkey on a t-shirt and plush doll

Kids that like Shrek will love this product.

See the plush doll of Donkey? yes  you see it right it has a little backpack and that is where the Shrek and Donkey I’m all ears T-shirt is. The plush of Donkey is 8″ and that makes it a great play toy and the T-Shirt of course is great for the kids to wear.

Check out this Shrek All Ears T-Shirt and Plush