buy Rick Plush

Rick Plush

If you like Rick and Morty and need a fun plush then you want to check out this 22 inch tall Rick Plush.

Rick Sanchez is a character and now you can have him for in your home and as it is just a plush version of Rick you don’t have to worry about him doing anything crazy while living with you.

The plush of Rick  is just like you see him in the Rick and Morty cartoon complete with his pointy hair and his white lab coat.

A plush like this is great to have if you are a big fan of Rick and Morty.

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buy Fancy Nancy Plush Doll

Fancy Nancy Plush Doll

Now anyone can own their own Fancy Nancy Plush Doll.

This is a doll of Nancy and she is 1.35 inches tall and all soft and cuddly.

Fancy Nancy is wearing a fun pink skirt and yellow shirt and in her hair you can see a tiara all made from soft materials to make this a fun toy for kids ages 3 and up and yes it is fun to have as adults too because they can love Fancy Nancy too.

If your child can’t choose between a doll or a plush then they don’t have to choose with this toy as it is a plush doll and it looks amazing and fun.

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buy Eleven With Eggo Plush

Eleven With Eggo Plush

If you like Stranger Things then you have to check out this Eleven plush.

Eleven looks just like she did in the first series of Stranger Thing wearing the pink dress and short hair and she is holding an Eggo as she likes to eat those.

The plush Eleven is 8 inches tall and just looks funny.

Put Eleven on the couch when watching Stranger Things on TV and keep her safe as she already seem to have a bloody nose as she already used to much of her powers.

This toy may not be perfect for the smaller kids but it will be super fun for all the true fans of Stranger Things.

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buy Harry Potter Plush Hermione

Harry Potter Plush Hermione

If you would like a plush Hermione then you are in luck because now there is a plush doll of the Harry Potter star.

Hermione is one of those characters that changed the Harry Potter world for the best and by adding this plush to your collection it will also make your Harry Potter collection a lot better.

The plush Hermione is 7 inches tall and has a big grin on her face and her big eyes just make you want a plus like it. Hermione is wearing her Hogwarts school outfit and she seems eager to go to class to learn more magic.

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buy The Boss Baby Plush Wearing A Suit

The Boss Baby Plush Wearing A Suit

If you like the movie The Boss Baby then you are going to love this The Boss Baby plush.

The plush is rated ages 3+ and is officially licensed.

And the 8 inches tall plush version of The Boss Baby is wearing the nice black suit we have seen this baby wear before in the movie.

So kids or adults can now have their own Boss Baby and you are in luck as he is just a plush toy so you don’t have to worry that he makes some different plans for your life when you are not looking.

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buy SAMCRO Jax Teller Plush

SAMCRO Jax Teller Plush

Always wonder how it would be to cuddle with Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy?

Stop wondering start doing because you can cuddle as much as you want with this plush of Jackson.

The 8 inch plush of Jax has all the details you expect from his white shoes, jeans and shirt to of course his biker jacket.

Having your own Sons Of Anarchy plush of Jax is something every one can only dream about but you can make it happen and then you will have a highly collectible item from you favorite TV series to add to your SOA collection.

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buy Plush Minion Bob And His Teddy Bear

Plush Minion Bob And His Teddy Bear

There is Bob one of those Minions we all love.

And you know Bob was even King of England once but this time he is just a normal Minion that even brought his teddy bear.

This is a plush for kids ages 4 and up and even his goggles are soft so that he can get hugged and loved.

And if you hug him tightly even his cheeks will glow (so does his teddies) and press his hand and Bob will talk.

This plush toy is not only great for kids of course any one who loves Minions can enjoy this plush.

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buy Ant-Man Plush Doll

Ant-Man Plush Doll

Ant-Man Plush Doll

Since Stan Lee’s creation in 1962, Ant-Man has appeared as part of the Avengers and Marvel fans have embraced him along the way. Now you can have your own little Ant-Man for yourself or for your little one.

Ant-Man is in his full out costume that shrinks him down to the size of ants. His helmet enables him to control ants to help him in any situation he may find himself in. The suit is blue, red and silver.

This plush doll stands at 10 inches just enough for a little one to hug until they go to bed. It is made from polyester fibers.

You can squeeze him tight at night, the Ant-Man Plush Doll.

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buy Inside Out Anger Plush Doll

Inside Out Anger Plush Doll

Inside Out Anger Plush Doll

Not only do I see red, I am red! What am I? I am the emotion anger of course.

In the awesome animated Disney Pixar movie Inside Out, Riley has many emotions from Disgust to Joy but one emotion really stands out. This is a plush doll that features the emotion Anger, Anger is all red wearing a dress shirt and pants aswell as a tie and has a very angry looking frown.

Made to be soft yet durable this Anger plush stands 5 1/4 inches tall and is a great way to show off your emotions.

Get close with the Disney Pixar Inside Out Anger Plush Doll.

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buy Breaking Bad Walter And Jesse Plush Dolls

Breaking Bad Walter And Jesse Plush Dolls

You can have your own little meth dealers based on Breaking Bad.

These are dolls of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White that are sold separately but together are able to make amazing meth.

At 8 inch tall these plush versions of the Breaking Bad stars are ideal for so many fun things like hanging on the couch or chair and just cuddle.

And Walt and Jesse are wearing their famous yellow hazmat suits that they can take of to.

Breaking Bad may be over but he memories remain and getting some plush version of your hero’s can help to keep those memories alive.

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