buy Explorer George The Pig Backpack

Explorer George The Pig Backpack

If you like a cool Peppa Pig backpack but would prefer George over Peppa then you should check this special Explorer George The Pig backpack.

On the backpack you can see George Pig and it looks like he is going camping as he brought a backpack and wears a hat and jacket and a hedgehog is following George and close to the top it says “Explorer George” and next to it you see Mr. Dinosaur the favorite toy from George.

This Peppa Pig backpack has mesh pockets on the sides so that it can hold a water bottle or maybe some snacks.

Kids that are going to school or daycare need an amazing backpack and this George Pig backpack is what they want.

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buy Peppa Pig Edible Cake Topper Image

Peppa Pig Edible Cake Topper Image

What does a Peppa Pig themed birthday party need?

Yes a Peppa Pig cake and now you can bake one yourself as this cake topper image will make any cake look like a Peppa Pig birthday cake.

The edible cake topper image shows Peppa and her brother George walking outside and there is a nice scenery around them.

Making the Peppa Pig cake is easy just peel the backing from the cake topper image and put it on the frosting of your cake. The Peppa Pig image is 8 x 10 inch making it perfect for many size cakes that you can buy in store or bake yourself.

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buy Peppa Pig Family Throw Pillow

Peppa Pig Family Throw Pillow

If you would like a Peppa Pig pillow then you came to the right place as this is the perfect throw pillow and it has Peppa Pig and her family on it.

The Peppa Pig pillow comes in 3 sizes and is even available as just a pillow case if you want.

On the front and back you can find the same image and the image shows a cloud in the sky that says “Peppa Pig” and below that in the grass you can see Mummy, Daddy, George and Peppa Pig and all are happy and smiling.

A pillow like this could soon be your child’s favorite and is great for bed, couch or  even the car.

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buy Peppa Pig Christmas Stocking

Peppa Pig Christmas Stocking

How does Santa Claus know what stocking is yours?

If you like Peppa Pig then you could go for this special Christmas stocking that has you name printed on the top and shows a fun winter scene below it.

On the stocking you can find Peppa Pig and her bother George playing outside in the snow and George even brought his ice skates because skating is fun.

The Peppa Pig Christmas stocking is 16 inch long and 7 inch wide and shows besides the amazing image of Peppa and her brother a plain winter scene on the back that matches the front.

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