buy TMNT Funny Faces Christmas Pillow

TMNT Funny Faces Christmas Pillow

If you like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Christmas and like to have fun Christmas pillows as decorations then you should check out this TMNT funny faces Christmas pillow.

The throw pillow is available in 3 different sizes and comes in different fabrics too for in and outdoor use.

On the pillow, you can find a fun green background on both the front and back and the pillow shows the four Ninja Turtles on the front while doing funny faces and wearing Christmas Santa hats.

It’s just a super fun pillow that you can use on your couch or bed when Christmas is here.

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buy Finding Dory String Light

Finding Dory String Light

If you want special lights for a fan of Dory then this Finding Dory string light is what you want.

The lights are great fun to bring light to any room and are great for the Christmas tree too. And you can use these Dory lights inside and outside.

The Finding Dory string light has 10 lights and they all look like the famous blue fish that we all know by the name of Dory.

At a length of 138 inches, this string light can go places and there are 12 inches between each Dory light.

Kids party, Christmas, or just fun decorations these Dory lights will make a lasting impression and will bring light.

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buy Batman Pop! String Light

Batman Pop! String Light

If you need lights that are fun then you have to check out this Batman Pop! string light.

The string light has the head of Batman as lights and it’s not the Dark Knight you get as he would not bring light but you will get the head of a Pop! figurine made by Funko as a light and that is more round and that makes it give lots of light.

You can use this Batman string light as Christmas tree lights and they are also great as room decorations or to bring Batman to your Batman party in the form of light.

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buy Scarfed Minions Christmas sweater

Scarfed Minions Christmas sweater

If you want a Minion Christmas sweater then this is what you need to see.

This women’s Christmas sweater is red and has some green and white Christmas trees on the top and bottom but it is all about the two Minions in the middle as they seem cold as they are wearing a scarf and no they don’t both wear their own scarf, they are using one scarf for both of them and that makes me wonder what happens when they start walking.

You can get this Despicable Me Christmas sweater in women’s sizes XSmall – XL and it is made from 58% Cotton, 36% Polyester, and 6% Acrylic.

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buy Snoopy Just Chilling Christmas Sweater

Snoopy Just Chilling Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Peanuts ugly Christmas sweater that shows Snoopy doing what he does best taking a nap on his dog house.

The ugly Christmas sweater is green and has white stripes on the long sleeves and on the front of the sweater you can find some white Christmas decorations in the background and in front of the dog house of Snoopy and it’s red with Christmas lights all over it and on the roof you can see Snoopy just lying down and he is staring at the text above him that says “Just Chillin’ ” and that is what he does best.

The Snoopy Christmas sweater is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and it comes in men’s sizes Small – 2XL.

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buy The Grinch Stealing Christmas Sweater Or T-Shirt

The Grinch Stealing Christmas Sweater Or T-Shirt

We all know that the Grinch does not like Christmas and on this shirt he takes his hatred against the holiday to a new level.

This shirt is available as a t-shirt but also as a Christmas sweater and it comes in many colors and styles for men and women and sizes going all the way up to 6XL.

On the shirt, you can see an embroidered “Merry Christmas” and other Christmas decorations but you can also see the Grinch standing under it and he is pulling the yarn that prints all that out so that already the S and A from Christmas are disappearing.

It’s a different kind of Christmas shirt and that makes it funny.

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buy Green Pokemon Christmas Sweater

Green Pokemon Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Pokemon Christmas sweater specially made for you to wear to your Christmas party this year.

Yes, it is a pretty ugly Christmas sweater and it is green with on it the text “Happy Holidays” and some Christmas decorations like trees and flowers. But it is a Pokemon Christmas sweater and that means you will find Pikachu and many Poke Balls too, to make it all Pokemon perfect.

You can get this unisex Christmas sweater in sizes XSmall – 3XL so that both men and women can get the perfect fit. And this Pokemon sweater is made from 55% cotton and 45% acrylic and that makes it a real warm Christmas sweater.

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buy Peppa Pig String Lights

Peppa Pig String Lights

How about haveing Peppa Pig lights this Christmas?

Because you can thanks to this Peppa Pig string light that has 10 Peppa Pig lights on them that look exactly like this fun pig. Peppa is her usual self-wearing her red dress and she is happy to bring light to the dark.

You can use this string light on your Christmas tree or just to decorate a room as kids will love seeing Peppa Pig all year round. And the Peppa Pig string light comes with extra bulbs and a fuse so that you can keep it going if something happens.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Bob’s Burgers Ceramic Christmas Ornament

This Christmas you can have a famous chef in your Christmas tree as this is a Bob’s Burgers tree ornament.

This round ornament is made from ceramic and comes with a nice gold colored bow to hang it in your Christmas tree.

On the ceramic ornament, you can see Bob from Bob’s Burgers and he is holding up a burger and smiling. So maybe Christmas dinner this year should be a burger made by Bob.

No boring plain colored ornaments on your tree this holiday season because Bob likes the tree to be more tasteful and that means it has to start with this Bob’s Burgers Christmas ornament.

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buy Thomas & Friends Santa’s Workshop Express Wooden Railway

Thomas & Friends Santa’s Workshop Express Wooden Railway

This Christmas you can surprise your little one with a Thomas & Friends wooden railway that is all about Santa and his workshop.

This is the Thomas & Friends Santa’s Workshop Express Wooden Railway and that means that there is a special Thomas the Tank Engine with snow all over it and he needs to go to Santa’s workshop to pick up a big present that needs to be delivered.

Beside the track and the train, there are signs to and even Santa Claus is part of this Fisher-Price wooden railroad.

And even though this is a Christmas toy you can still use it with all your other Thomas wooden railway toys.

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