Hello Kitty Mouse and Mousepad

This is a cute Hello Kitty set of a computer mouse and mousepad.

I guess it is a bit strange to have a Hello Kitty mouse specially because Hello Kitty is a cat but why not. This mouse is optical and that means no ball in there that collects dust and stops working. You can connect it to a USB port or with the included ps2 connector to a ps2 port.

This Hello Kitty mouse of course works great on the included Hello Kitty mousepad witch is in the shape of Hello Kitty.

You just have to check out what other say about this Hello Kitty Mouse and Mousepad.

buy Hello Kitty Bread Toaster

Hello Kitty Bread Toaster

This is one of those items that are so super cute that a real Hello Kitty fan can not live without one.

What do you think about a Hello Kitty toaster? Probably no real feelings about that. But what about a really nice looking Hello Kitty Toaster that even toasts Hello Kitty on each slice of bread?

Yes I knew you wanted one so go and check out all the features of this toaster and see how cool the Hello Kitty Print on the bread looks.

Get your Hello Kitty Toaster.