buy The Blue Cat Lodge Wall Clock

The Blue Cat Lodge Wall Clock

Now there is a The Blue Cat Lodge Wall Clock for everyone that like Ozark and wants to know the time.

This Ozark wall clock is about 10 inches in diameter and comes in different colors like wood, black, and white and the hands of the clock even come in more colors.

The clock face show the logo of The Blue Cat Lodge with a Cat fish jumping out of the water.

This clock runs on a AA battery and it is not included with the clock.

So when is Ozark time in your home? this clock will get you ready for your favorite Netflix show.

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buy Game of Thrones Letter opener

Game of Thrones Letter opener

If you like Game of Thrones and you get a lot of mail then you have to check out this Game of Thrones Letter opener.

And this is not just any letter opener, this letter opener looks just like the real Longclaw sword that John Snow uses in the Game of Thrones TV series and I can’t promise that it is made from Valyrian steel but it will still be strong enough to open envelopes.

The Game of Thrones sword is 9 inches long and looks just like the real thing and that makes this a nice item to have in your Game of Thrones collection.

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buy Buffy Figurine

Buffy Figurine

Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans can now own a Buffy Figurine.

Now there is a vinyl figurine for all the Buffy fans ages 5 and up and she looks like she is ready for business with a stern look and a wooden stake to use on the vampires. Buffy is wearing red pants with a black shirt and black boots all looking really good on her.

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer figurine stands 5 inches tall and comes in a really nice box that has a see through front so that you can keep her in it if you like to keep it look new for a long time but I would take her out and put her on a nice shelf in your home.

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buy Sequin Michael The Office Pillow

Sequin Michael The Office Pillow

Now there is this fun Sequin Michael The Office Pillow.

This looks like a black pillow with sequin on top but then when you swipe on the sequins you can see Michael Scott at his desk with his favorite world’s best boss mug.

It is just really fun to own a pillow like this because it can look like a normal boring pillow and then just swipe the black pieces and there you have The Office.

The pillow is available as just a pillow case or with filling and if you don’t like black sequins then you are in luck as it also comes in red and rose gold.

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buy Luke’s Diner Coffee

Luke’s Diner Coffee

Now you can start the day in Gilmore Girls style with this Luke’s Diner Coffee.

We all know that the Gilmore Girls need a lot of coffee through the day and most time this has to come from Luke’s Diner but now you can have the coffee from Luke at home.

You can get this Gilmore Girls coffee in a bag of 12oz freshly ground coffee or as a set of 12 single serve Kcups and that means that you can have the coffee you always dreamed about.

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan that loves coffee as much as Lorelai and Rory then you just have to try this.

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buy Grey’s Anatomy My Person Key Chain

Grey’s Anatomy My Person Key Chain

Now there is this Grey’s Anatomy My Person Key Chain set that you can share with the person in your life.

We all know that the gang of Grey’s Anatomy are a close group and they see each other often as their person and if you have a person in your life then you should show it like they do on the TV.

And this key chain set is just the gift for that for that special somone in your life that love Grey’s Anatomy. The key chain set are two puzzle pieces that fit together and they say “You are my Person” and “You will always be my person” on it. And they key chain can even be personalized for you.

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buy Game of Thrones LEGO Figure Frame

Game of Thrones LEGO Figure Frame

Now there is this cool Game of Thrones LEGO Figure Frame.

If you like Game of Thrones and LEGO and want to decorate a room or your home then this fram is just what you need.

The black frame is 6.25 x 8.35 inches and shows a background with fire and ice and Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow and then on top of that you see the Game of Thrones characters as LEGO figures and that really looks pretty neat as they look so real even though they are made from LEGO.

A piece like this deserves a special space in your home.

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buy Golden Girls Mug

Golden Girls Mug

Now you can get your morning coffee from this Golden Girls Mug.

This yellow mug shows the faces of the Golden Girls on one side and on the back it says “Stay Golden” on it and also the names of the 4 girls.

This ceramic mug is 20oz and that means it can hold a lot of coffee, tea or any other drink your prefer.

No longer do you have to drink from that boring or worse advertisement mug because the Golden Girls have your covered with this fun looking mug.

And you can use this mug at home or take it to work so that everyone can see that you like classic TV series and Golden Girls to be precise.

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buy Winchester Bros T-Shirt

Winchester Bros T-Shirt

Now there is this cool looking Winchester Bros T-Shirt.

A Supernatural fan that likes a cool t-shirt then this shirt could be it.

This Supernatural t-shirt is made fro m100% cotton and comes in men’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and will look nice on women too.

On the front of this t-shirt you can see Sam and Dean Winchester and their car and on the back you can find a list of locations because the Winchester brothers traveled all over the place and this t-shirt proofs that.

This shirt is almost like a t-shirt from a musical artist that sells shirts of their tour.

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buy Negan And Lucille Blanket

Negan And Lucille Blanket

Now there is a great looking Negan And Lucille Blanket that is just perfect for all The Walking Dead fans.

This The Walking Dead blanket is made from fleece and measures 45 x 60 inches.

On this throw blanket you can see an amazing image of Negan with a big smile on his face and his famous Lucille baseball bat in his hand just ready to hit someone with.

Now you can be cozy and warm under this blanket when you are going to watch the next episode of The Walking Dead.

If you like Negan and need a comfy blanket then this is what you really want.

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