buy Stranger Things Both Worlds T-Shirt

Stranger Things Both Worlds T-Shirt

If you are a big fan of Stranger Things and want a cool shirt then you have to check out this Stranger Things both worlds t-shirt.

The black t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and comes in many sizes for the perfect fit you want.

On the black Stranger Things t-shirt you can see a circle that has a red background on the bottom and a gray one on the top and in the middle there is a line that says Stranger Things on it. In the top half of the circle you can see a forest and the boys on their bikes and yes Eleven is there too and in the bottom half the circle you can see The Upside Down.

So on one t-shirt you can see both dimensions and that is really cool.

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buy Dexter The Complete Series DVD Or Blu-Ray

Dexter The Complete Series DVD Or Blu-Ray

If you really like Dexter and miss it when it is not on TV then you should get this Dexter the complete series on DVD or Blu-ray.

So you can watch all 8 seasons and 96 episodes of Dexter when ever you want because you can own it all.

Besides a lot of discs that hold all the episodes you will find extra’s too and you probably never seen those on TV so there is something new for you to see.

Now when ever you wonder how Dexter would deal with the bad people then you can just pop in a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Get your Dexter The Complete Series DVD Or Blu-Ray

buy iCarly Plate

iCarly Plate

If you like a fun plate for you or you child then you should check out this iCarly plate.

The plate has a fun shape with one big compartment with on it iCarly and Sam and then there are two small compartment for side dishes and maybe some ketchup.

And as this is an iCarly plate it also says that on the fun shirt.

A fun plate like this could be the daily plate of your child and it is dishwasher safe so easy to clean too.

Maybe you need a fun iCarly plate for the whole family because it will be fun to have iCarly and Sam smile at you when you finished your food.

Get your iCarly Plate

buy Jared Figurine

Jared Figurine

Jared is one of my favorite Silicone Valley characters and now you can get your own Jared figurine.

The figurine of Jared is made by Funko in their Pop! series and the figurine looks just like the real Jared Dunn and he is wearing his Pied Piper jacket that we have seen him wear and like the real one it has his name on it.

The figure of Jared is 3 3/4 inches tall and he looks way taller just like the real character and he comes in his own windowed box so that you can keep Jared look new if you prefer that but I would put him next to the computer.

Get your Jared Figurine

buy Burning The Walking Dead Logo T-Shirt

Burning The Walking Dead Logo T-Shirt

If you like The Walking Dead and need a cool t-shirt then you should check out this burning The Walking Dead logo t-shirt.

The shirt is black and on it you can find The Walking Dead logo and it is on fire and from the letters on fire you can see walkers walking out and with some zombies are coming out of the logo.

You can get this special The Walking Dead t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – XL and would look great on women too.

So show your friends that walkers survive fire by wearing this amazing looking The Walking Dead t-shirt.

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buy I Love Westworld Button

I Love Westworld Button

If Westworld is on your mind then you should be checking out this I love Westworld button.

The black pin back button has a 1 inch diameter and is what you need for on your clothing or maybe you backpack.

On the button it says in gray “I Love Westworld” but instead of the LOVE it shows a cowboy hat because you heart cowboy life and Westworld .

So shows people that you are a true Westworld fan by having this pin exposed and you may even get some new friends to talk Westworld with and that is all what you really want as it is an amazing TV show.

Get your I Love Westworld Button

buy Star Trek Swim Shorts

Star Trek Swim Shorts

If you like swimming and Star Trek then you should check out these Star Trek swim shorts.

The men’s swims trunks come in the 3 colors red, gold, and blue and they are based on the Star Trek TNG uniforms.

You can get these Star Trek shorts in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and all get your ready for a dip in a pool.

Maybe you should get these cool swim trunks if you are planning a Star Trek cruise or just want to show the people at the beach that you are a true Star Trek fan that even likes to wear a next generation uniform to the beach.

Get your Star Trek Swim Shorts

buy Superman Logo Cap

Superman Logo Cap

If you want a cool superhero cap then you should check out this Superman logo cap.

The hat is blue but not the normal plain color blue but there seems to be a little bit of white in it and that really makes it look amazing and then on the front it has a big Superman logo on it and that is made from rubber so that it really looks cool in red and yellow on the blue fabric.

You can get this Superman cap in different sizes too and it even has the word Superman embroidered in on the back.

Get your Superman Logo Cap

buy Westworld Discover Your True Calling T-Shirt

Westworld Discover Your True Calling T-Shirt

If you like a fun women’s Westworld t-shirt then you should check out this t-shirt as it is what you really need.

The white women’s t-shirt is available in sizes Small – 2XL and on the white you see in a light red print the text “Westworld Discover Your True Calling” and besides this text it also shows a cool western scene that makes you go back to the first season from Westworld.

And below all what we talked about before it says in small letters “A Delos Destination”.

So now you are ready for many more Westworld episodes as you can watch them in style.

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buy Stranger Things Tote Bag

Stranger Things Tote Bag

If you like shopping and Stranger Things then you just need to check out this Stranger Things tote bag.

The tote bag is amazing looking. On the bag you can see the boys on their bikes and below it the Stranger Things logo and the light colored bag looks cool with the design on it and then there is a red carrying strap to make it complete.

The tote bag is 16 x 14 inch and has the fun design on one side and the other side is just plain.

Taking this canvas bag shopping prevents the need for plastic bags and that is a good thing.

Get your Stranger Things Tote Bag