buy Lukes Diner Baby Bodysuit

Lukes Diner Baby Bodysuit

If you like Gilmore Girls and are having a baby then you want this Lukes Diner Baby Bodysuit.

This Gilmore Girl baby clothing is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 0 – 24 months and is available in black, blue, charcoal, light gray, and pink.

The snapsuit shows the Luke’s Diner logo and below the famous coffee cup, it says “Stars Hollow Connecticut” as that is where the famous diner is.

A true Gilmore Girls fans that are having a baby will like this bodysuit and it makes for a fun present and is great to get yourself so that your child can get used to Luke’s Diner and Gilmore Girls as soon as it gets born.

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buy Luke’s Dinner Lounge Pants

Luke’s Dinner Lounge Pants

Gilmore Girls fans can now get their own Luke’s Dinner Lounge Pants.

These Gilmore Girls pants are light grey in color and are made from 60% cotton and 40% spandex and they are unisex making them great for both men and women.

On the left leg of these jogger pants you can see the yellow coffee cup logo of Luke’s Dinner and besides Luke’s, it also says Gilmore Girls inside it.

These Luke’s lounge pants come in a bunch of size for the perfect fit.

Now you can wear these pants for a nice workout or just for lounging at home while watching the Gilmore Girls.

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buy Luke’s Diner Coffee

Luke’s Diner Coffee

Now you can start the day in Gilmore Girls style with this Luke’s Diner Coffee.

We all know that the Gilmore Girls need a lot of coffee through the day and most time this has to come from Luke’s Diner but now you can have the coffee from Luke at home.

You can get this Gilmore Girls coffee in a bag of 12oz freshly ground coffee or as a set of 12 single serve Kcups and that means that you can have the coffee you always dreamed about.

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan that loves coffee as much as Lorelai and Rory then you just have to try this.

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buy Luke’s Coffee Coffee Coffee Sweater

Luke’s Coffee Coffee Coffee Sweater

Gilmore Girls fans will like this fun Gilmore Girls Luke’s Coffee Coffee Coffee Sweater.

The women’s sweatshirt comes in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and they are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

The Gilmore girl sweater is light grey in color and shows a yellow coffee cup with the Luke’s Dinner on it and under it the text “Stars hollow , CT” because that is where Luke and the girls live and then above the cup it says “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee” because as Lorelai showed us so many times we really need coffee and some more coffee.

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buy Luke’s Diner Pajama Pants

Luke’s Diner Pajama Pants

If you are a Gilmore Girls fan that likes some fun lounge pants then you have to check out these Luke’s Diner pajama pants.

Now you can dream of visiting Luke’s Diner all thanks to these fun pajama pants.

These Gilmore Girls pajama pants are black and on it you can see the Luke’s Diner logo like we all know it only this one also says “Gilmore Girls” on it besides “Luke”.

You can get these Luke’s lounge pants in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they will look fun on women too. The pajama pants are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and are super comfy and just perfect for wearing while rewatching all the Gilmore Girls episodes.

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buy Keep Calm Everyone Loves Luke Backpack

Keep Calm Everyone Loves Luke Backpack

Now there is a Keep Calm everyone loves Luke backpack for the true fans of Gilmore Girls.

The Gilmore Girls drawstring backpack is white with black details like corners and strings and then on the bag, you can see an image of Luke Danes and above him, there is the text “Keep Calm Everyone Loves Luke”.

A backpack like this is just amazing for all the Gilmore Girls fans and as it is a drawstring bag that is easy to fold down when not in use and is great for taking to school, work, shopping, and the gym as it offers a lot of space for all your stuff.

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buy Luke’s Diner Mug

Luke’s Diner Mug

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan then you, of course, need a lot of coffee just like the girls and this Luke’s Diner mug is just what you need to wake up in the morning.

The white ceramic mug is 16oz. and is dishwasher safe. On the mug you can see the Luke’s Diner sign that looks like a coffee cup that says “Luke’s” but this one says something else and that is “Gilmore Girls” so that nobody has to guess because it is the Gilmore Girls mug all the true fans want and need for all their coffee throughout the day.

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buy Luke’s Diner Pin

Luke’s Diner Pin

If you are a big fan of the Gilmore Girls then you have to see this Luke’s Diner pin.

The pin is shaped like a coffee cup and is made from metal with on it a yellow enamel coating and in red enamel the word “Luke’s” and then it all looks like the logo of the famous Diner run by Luke Danes.

The metal pin has a rubber clutch on the back and is gold plated metal that is 1 inch wide.

Now you can wear the Luke’s Diner logo pin where ever you go and other fans of the Gilmore Girls are now able to spot you.

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buy Luke’s Diner Logo Travel Mug

Luke’s Diner Logo Travel Mug

If you watched the Gilmore Girls winter episode on Netflix then you noticed the nice Luke’s Diner to go cups that Lorelai and Rory use and No I can’t help you on those but this is pretty close and it is a travel mug you can keep using.

Yes, this white travel mug has the famous Luke’s logo on it in yellow and that makes it look so much like the mug they use on the show.

The Gilmore Girls travel mug is made from double walled stainless steel and it has a black spill resistant lid with carry handle. And you can this Luke’s Diner mug was in the dishwasher.

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buy Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner Pillow

Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner Pillow

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan then you will love this pillow that shows the windows of Luke’s Diner.

Having this pillow on your couch is perfect when you rewatch all the Gilmore Girls episodes.

And this pillow comes in many different fabrics to choose from and one even makes this pillow perfect for outdoor use.

On the Gilmore Girls pillow, you can see the windows of Luke’s Diner and there is the logo that hangs on the building and the word “food” that is printed on the window.

It’s just great fun to own a pillow based on Luke’s Diner and I am sure that it will look perfect in your home.

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