buy Moana Wall Calendar 2017

Moana Wall Calendar 2017

Moana is one of those Disney movies that people will remember and that is why you need this 2017 Moana wall calendar.

The wall calendar will show you Moana and her friends the whole year long and every month there will be something new to see and bring back memories to this amazing Disney movie.

Yes besides great images the wall calendar also has a great calendar that will have the important holidays already on there but leaving plenty of room to mark your birthday and other important occasions.

Now just make room on a nice wall for your next calendar the 2017 Moana wall calendar.

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buy Moana And Pua Watch

Moana And Pua Watch

Now there is a Moana watch that you can customize to be perfect for you.

For this watch, you can pick the band colors and yes that means even the bottom and top color can be different just like on the picture and you can choose a watch that is black, white, or clear.

On the watch face, you can see Moana and her pig Pua and they look happy as they both are smiling.

The Moana watch is water resistant so you should not go swimming with it when you hang out with Moana and Maui and it has a Japanese clock so you know it will run on time.

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buy Moana Lunch Box

Moana Lunch Box

If you like the girl called Moana from the Disney movie that is named after her then you have to check out this Moana lunch box.

The Moana lunch box is made by Yubo and shows the famous Disney character on both the front and the back.

You can pick the handle and side color of your lunch box and inside the box you will find a sandwich box, 2 snack boxes, and an icepack and if that is not enough then you can pick other options too.

You can take the front and back image of the lunch box and then you can just stick the Moana lunch box in the dishwasher and that makes it super easy to clean.

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buy Moana And Maui T-Shirt

Moana And Maui T-Shirt

If you enjoyed the Disney movie Moana then you will be liking this t-shirt that has both Moana and Maui on it.

You can get this Moana movie t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it is available in many fun colors and many sizes.

On the t-shirt, you can see Maui and his mighty hook and on Maui’s shoulder you can see Moana standing and that makes it clear how much smaller she is the Maui.

It’s the perfect t-shirt for yourself or as a present as it has the two main characters of the movie on it just posing for you.

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