buy Stranger Things Timex Upside Down Watch

Stranger Things Timex Upside Down Watch

If you wonder what time it is in the Upside Down then you really need this Stranger Things Timex Upside Down Watch.

Stranger Things fans all over the world should know the time and sure you could look at your phone but this wrist watch is so much cooler.

This watch is made by Timex and is water resistant so that it can survive a swim as long as you don’t go snorkeling.

The Timex watch has a black fabric strap and a nice black watch and watch face and on it you can find in red the famous stranger things logo and the normal clock numbers but they are all upside down to make it look even cooler.

And if you like a more retro style Stranger Things watch then click on the picture of the watch as there are different models available with a style that fits right in with Stranger Things.

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buy Record Bob’s Burgers Wall Clock

Record Bob’s Burgers Wall Clock

Now you will never be late all thanks to this Record Bob’s Burgers Wall Clock.

This wall clock is made from a 12″ vinyl record with the clock in the middle and then on the top you can see the Belcher family and Teddy is there too. And then on the lower part it has Bob’s Burgers engraved in it.

It is a cool clock and to see Tina, Louise, Linda, Bob, Gene and Teddy all looking surprised as they maybe late for something.

Now you just need to find yourself a great spot in your home so that you can see it when ever you want to know the time.

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buy Pikachu Watch

Pikachu Watch

Now there is this Pikachu Watch that is made to make Pokemon fans being on time.

The Pokemon wrist watch has a black band and a silver watch that shows Pikachu on the watch face with a light blue background and then there is cover that fold over the clock and on the cover it has a Poke Ball and it spins making this watch also kind of a fidget spinner.

This Pikachu watch has a watch diameter of 36 mm making it not a watch for the smallest kids but kids and adults will love this watch and maybe help people be on time.

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buy Buzz Lightyear Time Teacher Watch

Buzz Lightyear Time Teacher Watch

Now there is this Buzz Lightyear Time Teacher Watch for all the kids that need to learn how to tell time.

This Toy Story wrist watch is all based on Buzz Lightyear. It has a black band that is adjustable in size and then the watch is stainless steel and water resistant with a green border and then Buzz Lightyear on the watch face.

And as this is a watch to help children understand how to read time they added text “Hour” and “Minute” on the hands which really can help telling the difference between the arms.

And this fun watch comes in a nice box making it a fun present too.

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buy Elsa Time Teacher Watch

Elsa Time Teacher Watch

Now there is this Elsa Time Teacher Watch for all the kids that love the Frozen movies and need to learn how to read a clock.

This watch has a cool glittery band and then there is a stainless steel watch that is water resistant and is made to help your child to read the clock.

On the watch face it shows a nice image of Elsa and then there are the arms of the clock and they have fun colors too and on them it says hour and minute to make it easier for a child to read the clock.

This Frozen wristwatch is made for children ages 5 -12 and they really need to love Elsa and Frozen.

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buy Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem Neon Clock

Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem Neon Clock

The Muppets have so many fun characters and some of them are in a band and you can support them with this Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem neon clock.

This is a round clock that is based after The Muppets and some of their characters band. Find it mainly black with official band logo which also says Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem. This is all done in line art that looks like it is a neon sign.

The outer clock color can be your choice of Black, white and natural bamboo. You can also choose your clock hand color out of a choice of white, red, black or aqua.

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buy Ariel Women’s Rhinestone Watch

Ariel Women’s Rhinestone Watch

For a great addition to your outfit have a look at the Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Women’s Rhinestone Watch.

This watch is based after the classic character Ariel The Little Mermaid from Disney. The face of the watch has a very soft pastel color sketch of Ariel with wavy hair and flowers around her.

Made to look amazing with alloy, gold plated and a very generous amount of rhinestones around the face and strap.

The Disney Ariel watch is adjustable in size with a five-link alloy bracelet that also features a fold-over clasp to secure it to your wrist. Made to be water resistant and has Quartz movement for a long lasting go to watch for many occasions.

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buy Harry Potter Alarm Clock

Harry Potter Alarm Clock

Need magic to get out of bed in the morning? If so then you need this Harry Potter Alarm Clock.

The alarm clock looks just like Harry Potter and he is holding his wand and on his belly, you can find the clock and there is more than just the alarm if you press the head of Harry his head will light up for 5 minutes because this is also a night light.

And as the Harry Potter clock runs on included batteries you don’t have to worry about wires or power sockets.

I am sure that all Harry Potter fans will love to own this clock even if they love to sleep in instead of getting out of bed in the morning.

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buy Emmet LEGO Alarm Clock

Emmet LEGO Alarm Clock

Now you can wake up awesome all thanks to this Emmet LEGO Alarm Clock.

The alarm clock looks like big LEGO pieces that are black and then on top of it you can see a LEGO figure of Emmet and he looks really happy to wake you in the morning.

The alarm clock also has light in it so that you can see it in the dark and it does run on AAA batteries and they are included so that it is ready to go.

So if you like LEGO and Emmet from the LEGO movies then this alarm clock will be a great item to have on your nightstand.

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buy Dumbo Watch

Dumbo Watch

Now is the time to look at the time and you can do so all thanks to this Dumbo Watch.

The Disney wrist watch is light blue in color that has a nice wrist band that is decorated with some leaves and flowers and then there is the big watch face that shows Dumbo the flying elephant.

The Dumbo watch has a diameter of 1 1/2 inches and comes in a nice gift box so that you can give this watch as a present for anyone that loves elephants and Disney movies.

Now you can always be on time all thanks to the Dumbo wristwatch that also just looks amazing on your wrist.

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