buy Hello Kitty Eraser

Hello Kitty Eraser

Hello Kitty face eraser

How about a fun Hello Kitty eraser?

These Hello Kitty erasers have Hello Kitty’s face on them and come in 4 colors pink, yellow, lime green and hot pink. They come as a set of 12 and that makes them a great party favor for the kids.

Besides being great as favorts they of course are great for school to and a pack of 12 will last a while.

Come check out these fun Hello Kitty Erasers.

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buy Curious George Jigsaw Puzzle

Curious George Jigsaw Puzzle

Teach kids by playing and a jigsaw puzzle will help them.

This Curious George puzzle shows a kite with Curious George hanging under it and in the background we see a lots of green and houses.

Kids will love to put this jigsaw puzzle together because the picture is fun and has Curious George in it and this monkey always gets in to fun adventures.

The puzzle is a great party favor to so that more kids can try to build the puzzle.

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buy Smurf Tattoo

Smurf Tattoo

The Smurfs temporary tattoos

Now the party will be even more fun with these The Smurfs temporary tattoos.

You will find 6 tattoos on one sheet and 2 sheets come in each pack.

Of course there are tattoos of Smurfette, Papa Smurfs and others.

Enjoy a nice Smurf tattoo with this set of The Smurfs Temporary Tattoos.

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buy Smurf Stickers

Smurf Stickers

tons of sweet smurf stickers for any occasion

The Smurfs are blue cute and interesting and now you can stick these funny blue creatures all over the place.

Stickers of the Smurfs that is all you need and this set has everything from Papa Smurf to Smurfette and of course others to.

Great as party favors or just to decorate you belongings.

Check out these cool Smurf Stickers.

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buy Thomas & Friends Temporary Tattoos

Thomas & Friends Temporary Tattoos

Thomas the train and all his friends are ready to chug down the tracks with you. This package of temporary tattoos has all your favorite train characters and will help you deliver whatever is thrown your way safe and fast.

Get your Thomas & Friends Temporary Tattoos.

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