buy Care Bears Tenderheart Backpack

Care Bears Tenderheart Backpack

Now there is a fun Care Bears Tenderheart backpack you can use as you fun to go back.

The backpack is Tenderheart the famous Care Bear with the red heart on it’s belly. And as you can see the backpack is the bear that will be hanging on your back just starting into the world around you.

The Care Bears backpack is 20 inches long and the zipper pouch is 8 x 8 inches.

Even the straps of the bear backpack are brown and soft and adjustable.

Sure this may not be the backpack that is great for school but it is still an amazingly looking bag for everyday use.

Get your Care Bears Tenderheart Backpack

buy Care Bears Free Hugs T-shirt

Care Bears Free Hugs T-shirt

Care Bears Free Hugs T-shirt

Are you having a bad day? Well this is the best way to cheer up … Free Hugs!

This is a great, fun and cute t-shirt that features one of the most popular Care Bears Tenderheart. On the front of this t-shirt find Tenderheart with the official Tenderheart symbol of a red heart found on the Care Bears belly, along with multiple hearts surrounding Tenderheart and the words printed FREE HUGS.

The Free Hugs Tenderheart t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is very durable as well as super comfortable, it is also available in many sizes and is a juniors fit which is made to hug the bodies curves.

Have a free hug with the Care Bears Tenderheart Free Hugs Black T-shirt.