buy Christmas Village Simpsons House

Christmas Village Simpsons House

If you want a cool piece for Christmas then you should check out this Christmas Village Simpsons House.

Department 56 is famous for their holiday villages and now you Christmas village can have the house that Homer Simpson and his family live in.

You don’t find any of the characters of the cartoon but you get the Simspons house complete with snow and Christmas decorations and it does light up too.

And yes the antenna is on the roof so that Homer has something to risk his life on when the TV is not working perfectly.

So now you can have The Simpsons be part of your Christmas village.

Get your Christmas Village Simpsons House

buy Homer Simpson Ladies Man T-Shirt

Homer Simpson Ladies Man T-Shirt

If you know Homer Simpsons then you know that he is amazing looking and this Homer Simpsons ladies man t-shirt is the proof of that.

This brown men’s t-shirt is made to impress the ladies and is available in many sizes to please many true fans of Homer.

On the shirt, you can see Homer Simpson and he is just wearing his underwear and he is holding a cup of coffee and on the picture, you can see the sexy body of Homer and beside Homer, it says in big letters “Ladies Man”.

By wearing this t-shirt it is clear that you are ready to impress the ladies so don’t wait just get one.

Get your Homer Simpson Ladies Man T-Shirt

buy Duff Beer Backpack

Duff Beer Backpack

Now there is a Duff beer backpack and that is what all The Simpsons fans that like beer really need.

The backpack has a black back with adjustable straps and the front you see is red with on the top a big Duff beer logo. The backpack has one front pocket and a main compartment and inside the main compartment, there is also a laptop sleeve that can hold up to a 15-inch laptop.

The Simpsons backpack is 17.75 x 12.25 x 5.75 inches and would be great for back to school, work, and other adventures and I do expect that it can hold a fair amount of Duff beer.

Get your Duff Beer Backpack

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buy Bart Simpson Luggage Tag

Bart Simpson Luggage Tag

Now there is a Bart Simpson luggage tag that is made for on your suitcase or backpack.

The luggage tag is die cut in the shape of Bart Simpson’s head complete with two big eyes and a yellow face.

The back of The Simpsons is black with an ID card for all your info.

You can use this fun luggage tag for your suitcase if you are traveling but it works great on your school bag or sports bag so that you never have to lose that again either.

luggage tag most times are just plain square and boring but thanks to Bart you can have one that is just fun and perfect.

Get your Bart Simpson Luggage Tag

buy Homer Simpson Beer T-Shirt

Homer Simpson Beer T-Shirt

If Homer Simpson is your idol then get this Homer Simpson beer t-shirt.

The red shirt is showing Homer Simpsons holding up a Duff beer and the other arm is resting on the text “MMM… Beer”.

You can get this Simpsons t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – XL and is made from 100% cotton and it could be your new drinking buddy.

A true fan of The Simpsons just needs to have an amazing t-shirt like this in their collection.

Drinking or not drinking that is the question but when you wear this Homer t-shirt the question all ready answered and I think it is Duff beer time right now.

Get your Homer Simpson Beer T-Shirt

buy 2018 The Simpsons Wall Calendar

2018 The Simpsons Wall Calendar

This is the 2018 The Simpsons Wall Calendar and that will bring so much more fun to your home.

Thanks to this calendar you can have a different fun image of the Simpsons and many other characters of the series and that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

Besides a great image the Simpsons calendar has a great calendar grid to that includes all the major holidays and still leaving room for important things you have to put on the calendar and lets starts by adding your birthday to the grid.

Get your 2018 The Simpsons Wall Calendar

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buy Feminist Lisa Simpson Shower Curtain

Feminist Lisa Simpson Shower Curtain

If you like The Simpsons and are a feminist then this Lisa Simpson shower curtain is perfect for you.

The shows curtain shows the face of Lisa Simpson against a blue background and below Lisa, it says in red print “Feminist”.

So now you can show the world the perfect feminist.

The Lisa Simpson shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches that has 12 holes for the shower hooks and when it get dirty you can just put your Simpsons shower curtain into the washing machine so that it stays looking amazing.

No need to get a boring shower curtain anymore because Lisa has you covered.

Get your Feminist Lisa Simpson Shower Curtain

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buy Full Metal Milhouse T-Shirt

Full Metal Milhouse T-Shirt

If you watch The Simpsons then you know Milhouse van Houten and he maybe a bit weak and nerdy but this t-shirt shows him as a soldier.

On the white t-shirt, you can see Milhouse all dressed in green just like a true soldier and he even has a gun. Besides the image of Milhouse it says “Full Metal Milly” and I am sure that Bart would love to wear this t-shirt when he makes fun of his friend.

You can get this Simpsons t-shirt in styles for men and women and it is available in many sizes so that you can find one perfect for you.

Get your Full Metal Milhouse T-Shirt

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buy Bart Simpson Money Bank

Bart Simpson Money Bank

If you like the Simpsons and collecting money then you have to check out this Bart Simpsons money bank.

The money bank looks like a bust of Bart and he is wearing his famous red shirt and has his arms crossed as he does not like it if people take money out of him.

The Bart money bank has a money slot on back and that is perfect for putting your coins and paper money in.

A bust of Bart Simpson is just fun to own and I am sure he will look great on a shelve or display case in your home.

Get your Bart Simpson Money Bank

buy Happy Homer Simpson Figurine

Happy Homer Simpson Figurine

If you like the Simpsons then you are going to like this Homer Simpson figurine.

The figure of Homer is 2.75 inches tall and made from PVC.

Homer looks happy to be here as his arms are in the sky as he is cheering you on and he even has a happy smile on his face.

Homer Simpson is wearing his normal outfit that includes the blue pants and white shirt and he is standing on a black base.

Just find a nice spot for this Simpsons figurine in your home or office. Homer is happy anywhere so a bookshelf will do but we won’t look sad if you put him in the bathroom.

Get your Happy Homer Simpson Figurine