buy Bart Simpson Money Bank

Bart Simpson Money Bank

If you like the Simpsons and collecting money then you have to check out this Bart Simpsons money bank.

The money bank looks like a bust of Bart and he is wearing his famous red shirt and has his arms crossed as he does not like it if people take money out of him.

The Bart money bank has a money slot on back and that is perfect for putting your coins and paper money in.

A bust of Bart Simpson is just fun to own and I am sure he will look great on a shelve or display case in your home.

Get your Bart Simpson Money Bank

buy Happy Homer Simpson Figurine

Happy Homer Simpson Figurine

If you like the Simpsons then you are going to like this Homer Simpson figurine.

The figure of Homer is 2.75 inches tall and made from PVC.

Homer looks happy to be here as his arms are in the sky as he is cheering you on and he even has a happy smile on his face.

Homer Simpson is wearing his normal outfit that includes the blue pants and white shirt and he is standing on a black base.

Just find a nice spot for this Simpsons figurine in your home or office. Homer is happy anywhere so a bookshelf will do but we won’t look sad if you put him in the bathroom.

Get your Happy Homer Simpson Figurine

buy Mr. Burns T-Shirt

Mr. Burns T-Shirt

Now there is a Mr. Burns t-shirt that all The Simpsons fans want.

We all know that Montgomery Burns is a strange and kinda creepy person and this t-shirt shows that as you can see he standing partly in the shade with a look on its face that can not mean anything good. Beside the image of Mr. Burns it says “Mr. Burns” just in case you don’t know you Simpsons characters.

You can get this black Simpsons t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it is available in sizes Small – 6XL.

Show the world that you like Mr. Burns by wearing this t-shirt around town.

Get your Mr. Burns T-Shirt

buy Lisa Simpson Women’s Halloween Costume

Lisa Simpson Women’s Halloween Costume

Now you  can be part of the Simpson family thanks to this women’s Lisa Simpson costume.

The Halloween costume includes a nice sleeveless red dress with a ceraded edge on the bottom, pearl necklace, and her pointy yellow hair. Besides this, you need to make yourself look yellow and wear some shoes but then you will be just like Lisa in The Simpsons.

And you can get his Lisa Simpson costume in women’s sizes Small – XL so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Now you just have to show the world that you are as smart as Lisa is.

Get your Lisa Simpson Women’s Halloween Costume

buy Homer Beer And Food Coma iPhone Case

Homer Beer And Food Coma iPhone Case

Homer Simpson from the classic carton television series and movies always over does it, especially when it comes to beer and donuts.

On this iPhone case you see Homer laying in a pile of empty beer cans, burgers, fries, ice cream and of course donuts. Homer’s tongue is hanging out and he appears to be in a beer and food coma.

This case is available in the following Apple iPhone cases.

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4

Made to specifically fit each type of device leaving all ports, buttons and cameras open for use. It will help protect from bumps, scratches, and dust.

Get your Homer Beer And Food Coma iPhone Case

buy The Simpsons Duff Beer Bottle Opener

The Simpsons Duff Beer Bottle Opener

Homer Simpsons like his beer and now he got this Duff Beer bottle opener.

If you want a Duff beer bottle opener then you can because this metal bottle opener is available for you.

Made from die cut metal this bottle opener looks like a Duff Beer bottle with the real opener on the lower part.

Owning a bottle opener like this is great for when you want to open a beer and fans of the Simpsons are going to love having one.

So get rid of those boring openers you own and replace it with something cool like this Simpsons opener.

Get your The Simpsons Duff Beer Bottle Opener

buy The Simpsons Moe’s Logo T-Shirt

The Simpsons Moe’s Logo T-Shirt

If you like The Simpsons and Duff beer then your know about Moe’s and this t-shirt is all about the bar from Moe Szyslak.

The t-shirt comes in men and women’s version in many fun colors and all made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt you can see a Moe’s Logo with below it “Springfield USA”. Of course real fans know that the logo on this t-shirt does not look like the logo above the bar but if you look closer then you may notice that it does look a lot like the Cheers logo and I guess that this t-shirt brings two classic TV series together in a fun way.

Get your The Simpsons Moe’s Logo T-Shirt

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buy Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart 71016

Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart 71016

If you like The Simpsons then of course you like the Kwik-E-Mart and now you can own you own store just like Apu has.

Sure this is not a real store but it is just like the real thing only made from LEGO.

This LEGO set has number 71016 and contains 2179 pieces witch include the Kwik-E-Mart store that can open so that you can see everything inside. It also include the police car of Chief Wiggum and his mini figure. And yes Homer, Marge, Bart and many other characters are included to because the Simpsons would not be the same without them.

Get your Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart 71016

buy The Simpsons 2016 Wall Calendar

The Simpsons 2016 Wall Calendar

Keep track of your important personal dates, events and holidays with a great wall calendar that features some of your favorite television characters from the classic animated series of The Simpsons.

Inside this 2016 wall calendar you will see images that uses vibrant colors and great detailed artwork of all of the fun and crazy animated Simpsons characters, find Homer Simpson, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Ralph, and even find some of the role play characters they have dressed as like Duff Man and BartMan.

All of the major holidays, events and moon cycles are recorded inside and there is plenty of room for you to write in your own personal imporatant dates too.

Get your The Simpsons 2016 Wall Calendar

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buy Springfield Characters Pajama Pants

Springfield Characters Pajama Pants

If Homer and the other Simpsons characters are your favorite then these fun lounge pants could be perfect for you.

These adult size pajama pants are covered in people that like in Springfield. And yes Homer and the family is there but also Moe, Ned and many more.

Made from 100% cotton these The Simpsons pajama pants are just perfect for an early night sleep or just lounging around the house while The Simpsons are on TV.

The lounge pants come in men’s sizes Small – 2XL but ladies can enjoy them to of course.

Get your Springfield Characters Pajama Pants