buy The Smurfin’ Guide to the Smurfs

The Smurfin’ Guide to the Smurfs

The Smurfin' Guide to the smurfs a book with all the smurf answers

This is “The Smurfin’ Guide to the Smurfs” a paperback book of 96 pages of pure info about the little blue creatures we got to know as the Smurfs.

In the book you will find all the information about the Smurfs and then we mean no just Papa and Smurfette but even lesser know characters like Grandpa, the Smurflings and Nanny are there for you.

And the book even has a map so after reading you will know exactly where things are in the Smurf village.

This book even has Cook Smurf’s recipe for Smurfberry Muffins witch of course are the best muffins to serve at a Smurf party.

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