buy Riverdale Student Handbook

Riverdale Student Handbook

Now you can get the Riverdale Student Handbook which is the book all the Riverdale fans just need to own.

Sure Riverdale is now a TV show but it started in the Archie Comic books and now it goes back to a book.

And this Riverdale book is all about what happens in the TV show, you can see students, teachers, and many more stories which make this book a perfect way to get all the details about Riverdale that you may have missed while watching the TV show.

The student handbook has 112 pages and is rated ages 12 and up with just makes sure you will understand what you are reading in the Riverdale handbook.

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buy Happy Birthday Curious George Book

Happy Birthday Curious George Book

Now there is this fun Happy Birthday Curious George Book.

If you child loves Curious George and has a birthday coming up then this book could be just fun to get them.

This book tells the story of Curious George and his upcoming birthday and everything that is happening including the party.

It is a fun book you can read to your child while they look at the cute pictures inside it and find out how this monkey enjoys the birthday and even the days coming up to your birthday.

Curious George is fun and this book tell a fun story that the kids will love.

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buy How The Grinch Store Christmas Book

How The Grinch Store Christmas Book

Now you can get this How The Grinch Store Christmas Book and read the classic Dr. Seuss story.

If you like to know about how the Grinch store Christmas then reading is the real way before you watch the movies.

You can get this classic Christmas story in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook and guess what it even is available on audio cassette.

Having this story in your book collection will be great and every year you can take it out around the holidays and read it and then maybe be a bit nicer around the holidays and maybe even the whole year.

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buy Monsters Inc. Book

Monsters Inc. Book

Now there is this Monsters Inc. Book that is great fun for kids to read.

This book is part of the A Little Golden Book series that is made for kids ages 2 -5 to learn to read while enjoying their favorite story.

So if your child loves the Monsters Inc. movie then now they can read the story themselves and that is way more fun then just watching it on a TV.

I am sure that kids and adults will love reading this fun book and think about more about what really is happening in the story.

You can get this Monsters Inc. book as a hardcover or as an ebook both with the classic Pixar story.

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buy Mental Perk A Friends Quiz Book

Mental Perk A Friends Quiz Book

Now you can show your knowledge of Friends all thanks to this Mental Perk A Friends Quiz Book.

Trivia games are fun especially if you know what you are talking about and if you are a big fan of Friends then this fun quiz book is what you need to prove how that you know it all.

In the book, you will find more than 400 questions all about Friends and the characters.

You can do different quizzes by yourself or with your friends when you are at home or maybe on a road trip or holiday.

Never forget about Friends and this quiz book can help.

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buy Supernatural Poster Book

Supernatural Poster Book

Now there is this Supernatural Poster Book that holds 40 posters inside it.

If you are a Supernatural fan that wants posters of your favorite TV series then you are in luck as this poster book holds 40 posters inside it that all will come out without ripping.

And if you don’t have wall space but want some nice bit pictures then you can just enjoy the book with all the posters inside it.

You will find posters of the Winchester brothers as expected but also expect other main characters as they are part of this amazing TV series.

And as there are 40 posters inside it you can keep changing the once you are hanging on the wall.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Sticker Book

Bob’s Burgers Sticker Book

Now you can this fun Bob’s Burgers Sticker Book.

This book has 100 stickers inside it and yes all the characters you expect are in it and even the pieces you need to make the perfect burger.

And besides stickers, there is more in this book like trivia, songs, and quotes so that if you have used all your stickers you can still use this sticker book only without the stickers.

So now you can decorate boring things with fun stickers making it way cooler and as it has a Bob’s Burgers sticker on it there is just more to look at. And you can just get a plain binder or journal and then it becomes fun Bob’s Burgers items.

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buy Star Wars Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

Star Wars Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

Now Star Wars fans that like stickers can get this Solo ultimate sticker collection.

This is not just a Star Wars sticker book this is a sticker book all about the Solo movie so yes you will find Han Solo inside it and a lot of the characters from the movie.

And besides sticker the book has lots of movie details to for you to read so that you know more about the Star Wars Solo movie.

There are not just a couple of stickers, there are more then 1000 stickers in this book and you can use those to make everything Star Wars approved.

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buy Ready Player One Book

Ready Player One Book

If you really liked the Ready Player One movie then you now have to find out of the book was better or not so time to start reading the Ready Player One book.

The Ready Player One book is from 2011 and is written by Ernest Cline and he is the one that created the world OASIS and he is the one that ready came up with the Easter egg.

They often say that they book where better then the movie and if you really liked the Ready Player One movie then you should find out yourself what is better.

You can get the Ready Player One book as paperback, hardcover, ebook, and even an audiobook so that you can get reading the way you like it.

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buy Count On The Easter Pups! Book

Count On The Easter Pups! Book

If your child loves PAW Patrol and you want to teach it count in a fun way then you should check out this PAW Patrol count on the Easter Pup! book.

The board book is really fun for kids as it shows the pups from PAW Patrol and they do all kind of tasks as they are getting ready for Easter and by reading the book it also teaches the little one count.

In the PAW Patrol book you will find a lot of pups including Marshall, Skye, Chase, and many more so that the kids will all find their favorite pups.

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