buy World’s 2nd Best Lawyer Travel Mug

World’s 2nd Best Lawyer Travel Mug

Better Call Saul World's 2nd Best Lawyer Travel Mug

If you have been watching Better Call Saul then you know this yellow travel mug as it is the mug Jimmy got from Kim Wexler.

Of course his mug didn’t fit in his fancy new lease car but that got solved easily.

If you want a travel mug just like Jimmy McGill then this is the mug to get.

The outside is yellow of course with a black top and on the yellow it says “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer”.

And this Better Call Saul travel mug is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe so that you can feel like a real bad ass lawyer every time you take a sip of coffee from this mug.

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