buy Community 8 Bits Character Sticker

Community 8 Bits Character Sticker

Community 8 Bits Character Sticker

Community fans will love this fun sticker.

The sticker is die cut so now wastefull straight edges just plain cut so that you see more of the thing you put your sticker on.

And this sticker shows the Community logo with ontop of that 8 bits character icons of all the members of the study group.
You can see Pierce, Annie, Abed, Troy, Shirley, Britta and of course jeff Winger.

This Community sticker is great for on almost anything like your laptop, fridge, books, mirror, and even you car.

Yes this sticker will survive the outdoors to and when (if ever) you get sick of this sticker then it is easy to remove it to.

Now is the time to come have a better look at this amazing Community Sticker. 


Community Poster

Community poster from the TV series

This poster shows the main characters from the hit TV series Community.

On the foreground you see Jeff and Britta and of course Pierce. Then in the middle we see Senior Chang the Spanish teacher who doesn’t seem to agree with what Jeff Winger is doing.

And in the back we see the rest of the gang. There is Abed and his good friend Troy and there is Annie and of course Shirley.

All in all a fun poster with everyone who matters at Greendale Community College.

This poster is 11 x 17 inch and can be ordered just as a poster or in all kind of framed versions.

So if you want to have all your friend from Community on your wall then you just have to order this Community Poster.


Community 8 Bits Character T-Shirt


Community 8 Bits Character T-Shirt

Do you love the TV show Community, you know the one with all the classic characters that go to Greendale Community College.

This is a t-shirt that features the 7 main characters that are all part of the study group, find Pierce, Jeff, Abed, Britta, Troy, Annie and Shirely all in a row and are as 8 bits characters.

A very comf and durable t-shirt that is made from 100% cotton and is available in a huge variety of sizes and colors, also check out the different styles of shirts like organic, womens fit, hoodies and more you can get this Community 8 bits characters print on.

Take a closer look at the Community 8 Bits Character T-Shirt.