buy Bazinga Air Freshener

Bazinga Air Freshener

We all know what Bazinga means and if you don’t then you don’t need this The Big Bang Theory air freshener.

The round air freshener is red with a white circle in the middle and on top of that in yellow it says “Bazinga!” and that will be great to look at while this air freshener is hanging on your car mirror.

Sure Sheldon uses pine scented tree shaped air fresheners for his virtual reality experience in nature but this one is way cooler as it says “Bazinga” on it and it is round.

Stop having a smelly car by simply adding this Bazinga air freshener to it.

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buy Bazinga Christmas T-Shirt

Bazinga Christmas T-Shirt

Dr. Sheldon Cooper has a catch phrase of “Bazinga” on the popular comedy television show The Big Bang Theory.

This is a t-shirt that features the bazinga logo of a yellow “Bazinga!” with a black jagged line and a white circle. Along with this logo you see two red deer silhouettes and a series of stars, wreaths and line patterns all to make you a print that looks like an ugly Christmas sweater.

Available in a wide selection of unisex fitted sizes that range from Small to 3XL and choose from 18 different shirt colors to get your bazinga Christmas print on.

Also check out the all of the other fun styles of shirts like a tank top, women’s fitted v-neck and so many more.

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buy The Big Bang Theory Girls Underwear

The Big Bang Theory Girls Underwear

Why wear boring old underwear when you can wear these awesome Big Bang Theory Bazinga and soft kitty hipster briefs.

These amazing women’s Big Bang Theory 3 pack panties features catch phrases from the television show. One pair is black with a red waist band and BAZINGA! written in red right in the middle with a lightening bolt under it. The second pair is red with a yellow waist band with the BAZINGA! logo multiple times covering the front and back. Third pair of girls underwear is grey with a black waist band and a cats head smiling in the middle and Soft Kitty written under its head.

The soft kitty and Bazinga hipster briefs come in a pack of 3 so that you can enjoy all 3 designs. These women’s panties are made of 95% cotton and 5 % spandex for that soft comfy fit and come is sizes from Small to Large.

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buy The Big Bang Theory Ice Cube Tray

The Big Bang Theory Ice Cube Tray

The Big Bang Theory Ice Cube Tray

No more plain ice cubes for you if you get this The Big Bang Theory ice cube tray.

This tray makes 12 ice cubes at a time and all are themed around The Big Bang Theory.

You can find ice cubes for Bazinga, Soft Kitty, Atom and a Robot and each design is in the tray 3 times.

Just make you drinks look hot this summer with these cool ice cubes based on The Big Bang Theory.

And you can do fun things with an ice cube tray like this just add a splash of color and your ice is even more amazing.

Come now to get special ice cubes made with this The Big Bang Theory Ice Cube Tray.

buy The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Belt

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Belt

Big Bang Theory Bazinga Belt

Do you love to play practical jokes? You can be just like Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory when you wear this bazinga belt.

You can prank people, then shout out Bazinga, and show them your new belt that has “BAZINGA!” written all over it.

This red belt has the word “BAZINGA!” written in red letters outlined in black on top of a large white circle. There is a symbol like a black lightning bolt under it.

This 48“ adjustable belt has a metal angled belt buckle with the same basing image on it. It’s a seatbelt style belt witch makes it extra cool.

So don’t fool around, get this The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Belt.

buy The Big Bang Theory Pillow

The Big Bang Theory Pillow

The Big Bang Theory Pillow

Are you a fan of the funniest voted number one television sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Fans will fall in love with this awesome Big Bang Theory Pillow.

Featuring all your favorite cast members like Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj right on the front with the logo.

On the back it has a big circle with a lighting bolt and Sheldon’s most favorite saying Bazinga! right in the middle pillow.

This Bazinga pillow measures 13 inches is size. Its the perfect size to rest your head and dream about the funny show.

Curl up on your couch while watching your favorite episode of the big bang theory with your very own Big Bang Theory Pillow.

buy The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Logo Apron

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Logo Apron

The Big Bang Theory Apron with Bazinga logo

Spend a lot of time cooking or baking in the kitchen?

If you love the funny catch phrase Bazinga  from the most popular number one comedy TV show The Big Bang Theory.  This apron is the perfect choice for you to help keep yourself clean while creating your geeky masterpiece in the kitchen.

It is a black apron with Sheldon’s most favorite word Bazinga on the front.

So if you are a die hard Sheldon fan and you always make a mess when you cook then you will need to get your own special The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Apron.

buy The Big Bang Theory Leggings

The Big Bang Theory Leggings

The Big Bang Theory Leggings

Are you a big fan of the Big Bang Theory?

If you are then you are gone love these leggings.
These are black leggings that are covered with things from the show. You can see the Bazinga logo the atom and even rock paper scissors. Fun leggings that are jam packed with fun.

And these Big Bang Theory leggings come in junior sizes Small – XLarge.

Leggings like these can be worn just like this or would work great to with a fun skirt or dress.

So lets get dressed Big Bang Theory style with these The Big Bang Theory Leggings.

buy Bazinga Necklace

Bazinga Necklace

Big Bang Theory Bazinga Necklace

Fans of the Big Bang Theory that are no wearing a necklace right now should check out this one.

This necklace has a fun and bold pendant that says “BAZINGA!” just like Sheldon would do it.

The Bazinga pendant is 2.5 x 1.5 inch and of course make people aware the you like The Big Bang Theory and that you may be making fun of them to.

A piece of jewelry like this also makes a great gift for a fan of Sheldon Cooper and The Big Bang Theory.

Who ever you want to have a necklace should just go with this The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Necklace.

buy Bazinga Backpack

Bazinga Backpack

Fans of the Big Bang Theory are gone love this red backpack.

On this backpack you can find a big Bazinga! logo just like the way Sheldon Cooper says it.
And not only does the backpack have this big Bazinga it also comes with a Bazinga key chain to make it matching with your keys.

The Big Bang Theory backpack is 16 x 11 x 7 inch it has two pockets and a separator inside that can be used to hold a laptop.
And of course the two red straps are adjustable to make you backpack more comfortable to use.

This Bazinga backpack is ideal for school and work but is great for travel and play to.

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