buy Batman String Pinata

Batman String Pinata

If you are planning a Batman party then you just this Batman String Pinata.

A piñata is great fun for kids and adults as it can hold a lot of candy (not included) and it will spill out when the Batman pinata get breached.

As you can see it looks like a bust of Batman and he is wearing his great costume complete with the Batman logo on the front.

This is not just a normal pinata that needs to be broken open by hitting it, this has strings on it and everyone can pull their string and one will open the pinata and spill the candy.

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buy BB-8 Pinata

BB-8 Pinata

What does a Star Wars birthday party need?

A Star Wars pinata of course and now you can get a pinata that looks like BB-8 the droid that makes it’s appearance in Star Wars Episode 7.

Just imagine having a sting pinata that looks like this ball shaped robot, kids and adults are going to get nuts about this.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is to thank for this amazingly designed party feature that even if you don’t put candy in it is still a great piece to have hanging around as party decoration.

Time to plan your Star Wars party.

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buy Jurassic World T-Rex Pinata

Jurassic World T-Rex Pinata

How do you stop the powerful T-Rex? Well grab a stick and swing away, i’m not sure that a pull string for back up will help but you can always try.

This is a pinata that has an image of a T-Rex that is from Jurassic World another awesome dinosaur movie stemming from the Jurassic Park movies. This T-Rex image on the pinata is looking firece with it’s mouth wide open and many teeth showing along with the official Jurassic World logo.

The Jurassic World pinata features a colorful design and tassels along with two pull strings, it is perfect for your dinosaur themed party.

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buy Frozen Olaf Pinata Kit

Frozen Olaf Pinata Kit

Frozen Olaf Pinata Kit

Disney’s Olaf from the animated movie Frozen is ready to help you have a very fun party.

This pinata looks just like Olaf from Frozen, he is an all white snowman with black buttons, brown stick looking arms, orange carrot nose and his friendly face.

Included in this kit is a 25 inch Olaf pinata, 1 bag of 3 pound pinata filler candy and 1 pinata mask, this is the perfect kit to add to your Disney Frozen themed party use a bat or stick to break the pinata or pull the string underneath Olaf to release the candy.

Complete any party with the Disney’s Frozen Olaf Pinata Kit.

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buy Frozen Anna And Elsa Pinata

Frozen Anna And Elsa Pinata

What is the perfect addition to your fun Disney’s Frozen themed party?

Well of course it is this must have Frozen Princess Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen pinata.

This pinata features a large image of Princess Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen with a very chilly and detailed background of snowflakes and pastel blue and pink colors everywhere. Also some perfect matching tassels that are purple blue and light blue hanging down the sides.

This pinata includes 2 Holographic 18″ balloons to decorate the sides, a three pound bag of candy filler and a blindfold.

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buy Finding Nemo Pinata

Finding Nemo Pinata

Nemo Finding Nemo Pinata

If you are throwing an under water themed party then is just not the same without Nemo.

This is a pinata that features the fun clownfish Nemo from the Disney Pixar animated movie Finding Nemo, with perfect detail making this look like it is right out of the movie every one can have a turn releasing all the fun goodies that lie within.

This really fun Nemo piñata measures approximately 8″W x 20″L x 12″H, this will be the perfect addition to your Finding Nemo party and the center piece of all the fun.

Complete your party with the Nemo Finding Nemo Pinata.

buy My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pinata

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pinata

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pinata

There is Pinkie Pie the pink pony with balloons as cutie mark.

But this is not just Pinkie Pie like we seen her in the My Little Pony cartoons. This Pinkie Pie is a string pinata to make you birthday an even bigger success.

Just fill Pinkie Pie with candy and toys and let the party start. Each kid can pull a string and only one will open up this My Little Pony pinata.

The pinata looks really cute and it is a nice looking pink pony.

So if you My Little Pony party is in need of a fun activity then why not get a My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pinata.

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buy Curious George Piñata

Curious George Piñata

A birthday party becomes extra fun when there is a pinata.

If you are planning a Curious George party then you are in luck as there is this perfect pinata that looks just like Curious George.

This pinata is a brown monkey with the face of Curious George.

Now its just putting the candy in the monkey and let the kids go in turns to find out who can unleash the stream of candy.
With a monkey like this you will feel sad to get it just for the birthday but hey maybe it stays in shape and it can become a Curious George decorative piece.

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buy TMNT Turtle Pinata

TMNT Turtle Pinata

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinata

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed birthday party of course needs a pinata.

And now you can have your own turtle pinata.

This 3D sting pinata will hold you candy till someone pulls the right string and then the candy will be flowing out.
And this Ninja Turtle is not small as it can hold up to 4lb of candy.

Unfortunately you can not choose the turtle you want by ordering this pinata you will not know if you get Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo or Rahael but who ever you get it will look amazing.

Time to plan you TMNT party and lets get started with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinata.

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buy Planes Dusty Pinata

Planes Dusty Pinata

Did you see the movie Planes?

And did you like Dusty?

If you did then you are gone love this pinata. This is a pinata shaped just like Dusty.

Besides looking like Dusty it will be the perfect piñata, just put the candy in (not included) and the strings below Dusty will make the candy fly. One string will make the Dusty pinata open so that all the kids will be able to try.

Dusty can hold up to 3 pounds of candy and toys so your birthday party will be so fun just from all the flying candy and toys.

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