buy Biggest Hero 6 T-Shirt

Biggest Hero 6 T-Shirt

Biggest Hero 6 T-Shirt with Hiro and Baymax

If you like Big Hero 6 then this is a super fun t-shirt to get. And this t-shirt comes in men, women and kids sizes and styles so that the whole family can wear one.

This blue t-shirt shows an image build of Baymax and Hiro. From the back to the front you see Baymax in his red suit, Baymax as his white self and then a silhouette of Hiro and in front of that a soccer ball.

And all that looks pretty neat on a t-shirt.

Now it’s just selecting the style and size you want and adult sizes go all the way to 6XL.

Baymax and Hiro fans come see this Big Hero 6 T-Shirt.

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