buy Baymax Face Mask

Baymax Face Mask

These are the days you want wear this Baymax Face Mask not only because it is a good way to add some protection for yourself and others it also looks fun and means that surgical masks are available for the people that really need them.

As you can see this face mask is red and black and on it you can see Baymax the healthcare robot from Big Hero 6 and he seems to be waving.

This Big Hero 6 face mask is adjustable in size so that it works on both kids and adults. And the face mask is waterproof and breathable and has a nose clip to make it fit right.

And the face mask itself can already help you but it also can hold filters (not included) to add some extra security.

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buy Baymax Card Holder

Baymax Card Holder

Now Big Hero 6 fans can get this Baymax Card Holder.

Baymax is one amazing character and now he is here to stay with your cards.

This card holder can hold up to 6 cards including credit cards, bank cards and even id’s.

The Big Hero 6 card holder is red and on it you can see many images of Baymax and he is doing all kind of things including playing with Mochi the cat from the movie.

These days we don’t really need cash anymore and that is why this fun card holder can be your new wallet.

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buy Big Hero 6 Baymax Kids Pajama

Big Hero 6 Baymax Kids Pajama

Now there is this nice Big Hero 6 Baymax Kids Pajama for all the kids that like Baymax.

This kids Big Hero 6 pajama is available in kids sizes 5 – 8 and is white with red cuffs and on the shirt and pants you can find lots of small images of Baymax and the on the front of the pajama shirt it shows a big picture of Baymax.

Sleepwear like this is great fun to wear especially if you like Big Hero 6 or just Baymax.

Surprise your child with fun sleepwear like this as it makes for a nice present and I am sure they will like to wear it all the time.

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buy Big Hero 6 Duvet Cover Set

Big Hero 6 Duvet Cover Set

Now you can sleep in style all thanks to this Big Hero 6 Duvet Cover Set.

You can get this cover set in many sizes like Twin, Full, and Queen so that it is perfect for your bed.

The set includes a cover for your comforter and it comes with pillow cases so everything you really need.

On the set your can find fun images of Baymax and his buddy Hiro. Besides the two main characters of the Big Hero 6 movie there are fun colors to make this bedding just fun to have on a kids and maybe adults bed.

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buy Baymax Stealing Coin Money Bank

Baymax Stealing Coin Money Bank

Now Big Hero 6 fans can save money with the help of this Baymax Stealing Coin Money Bank.

This is not a normal money bank but it is a cute little box and when you put a coin on top of it it will open and Baymax will take the coin from the top and stores it inside.

So normally this looks like a white with some Baymax printing on the side. And as Baymax is a robot he will need power and that is why this Big Hero 6 money bank runs on 2 AA batteries that do not come with the piggy bank.

Kids and adults will love this bank as it just is so much fun to see Baymax take the coins.

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buy 12 Inch Baymax Plush

12 Inch Baymax Plush

Now all the Big Hero 6 fans can have there own Baymax Plush.

This Baymax is 12 inches tall and is adorable just like the real Baymax in the Big Hero 6 movie.

This plush does not have legs so you never have to worry that it runs away if you didn’t cuddle it enough.

A cute plush likes this makes for a fun present for everyone that really could use a cuddle friend in their lives.

Now you can own a healthcare companion that will not deflate as it is soft and cuddly and super fun.

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buy Baymax Shower Curtain

Baymax Shower Curtain

If you need a shower and want to have a cool curtain in the tub then come check out this Baymax shower curtain.

The Big Hero 6 character can be found on this shower curtain and the shower curtain has a red background with on top of it a giant picture of Baymax.

The Big Hero 6 shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches and is white on the back and can be machine washed.

Adding the friendly looking Baymax to your shower just makes it look so much more fun to be in your bathroom.

No longer do you have a boring shower curtain because Baymax can make it way more fun.

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buy Baymax Power Bank

Baymax Power Bank

If you need a power bank and you like Big Hero 6 then you have to check out this Baymax power bank.

The power bank comes in two colors and it looks like a milk bottle and it shows the face of Baymax on it and he is dripping some milk from his face and below it you find the text “Milk”.

The Big Hero 6 power bank is 10.000mAh and has two 2.1amp USB ports for charging on top so that you can charge your phone, tablet, and other usb device and as the battery is nice a big you can charge lots of things.

The Baymax power bank comes in with a charging cable and a carry pouch.

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buy Baymax Pin

Baymax Pin

If you Baymax is your favorite movie character then you should check out this Baymax pin.

The Big Hero 6 character can now be part of your life thats to this button.

The pin is oval just like the head of Baymax and shows his eyes and besides that you can see his white skin and a black border.

Just put this pin through your clothes, hat, or maybe your school bag and just by doing so you are ready to shows your friends that the helpful Baymax is now part of your everyday life.

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buy Baymax Big Hero 6 Mousepad

Baymax Big Hero 6 Mousepad

If you like Baymax then you should check out this Baymax Big Hero 6 mousepad.

The mousepad is white on top with on the side you can see a big part of Baymax and next to him a big red Big Hero 6 logo.

The Big Hero 6 mousepad is 9.25 x 7.75 inches and has a nonslip back so that it stays in place when you are using it.

So now you can have a really cool mousepad on your desk at home or the office and having a Baymax mousepad is great as it makes it easier to use your mouse and will keep it cleaner too so that it works better.

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