buy Cheshire Cat Fleece Blanket

Cheshire Cat Fleece Blanket

For sale: Cheshire Cat fleece blanket

If you like Alice in Wonderland and need a blanket then you should get this Cheshire Cat fleece blanket as it is just perfect.

The fleece blanket is purple on the top and pink on the bottom and in the middle, you find the face of the Cheshire Cat so basically the whole blanket it the face of this famous cat.

You can get this Alice In Wonderland blanket in 3 sizes 30 x 40 inches, 50 x 60 inches, and 60 x 80 inches and all are made from 100% soft polyester fleece.

A Cheshire Cat fan will love this blanket on their bed but it works great on the couch to or even for a tea party in the park.

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