Hogwarts Crest Pillow

Posted on July 12, 2011 by George buy Hogwarts Crest Pillow

A Hogwarts Crest on a real Harry Potter pillow

So you have a room full of Harry Potter items but the one thing that is missing is a nice pillow.

Now we found the perfect pillow for you Harry Potter collection. This pillow shows the Hogwarts crest and the crest is woven in to the pillow so it should last you a long time.

This pillow would look great on your couch, bed or chair but of course you can use it almost any where.

With a size of 18 x 18 inches the pillow is a nice size.

Everybody wants a Harry Potter pillow for everyday use and this is the pillow to go for. Wait no longer and go get your self this Hogwarts Crest Pillow.

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