buy Hogwarts Travel Mug

Hogwarts Travel Mug

If you like your morning coffee to go then you just need this Hogwarts travel mug.

The metal Harry Potter mug is spill proof and made from metal and is double walled so it is great at keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

This mug shows a black background but there are some gray lines on it giving it a more 3D effect and on top of all that you find the famous Hogwarts logo that all the Harry Potter fans know and love.

Now when you go to your favorite coffee place just give them your mug to fill and not only does it looks nicer it is also better for the environment.

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buy Hogwarts Sports Bra

Hogwarts Sports Bra

If you are a Harry Potter fan that likes to work out then why not do it while wearing this Hogwarts sports bra.

The women’s sports bra is low impact and made from 86% nylon and 16% spandex and comes in many women’s sizes.

The Harry Potter sports bra is black on the front and back and has light grey panels on the side and the same grey around the edges. On the front, you can find the Hogwarts crest and on the band on the bottom, it will say “Hogwarts” over and over again.

Now you can feel Harry Potter close to your heart especially when it is beating fast when you working out.

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buy Hogwarts The Great Hall Jigsaw Puzzle

Hogwarts The Great Hall Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are a Harry Potter fan that likes to do something fun inside when the weather outside is not good enough to have fun there then this puzzle is what you want.

The Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle is 550 piece and makes a puzzle of 18 x 24 inches and that is pretty neat.

On the puzzle, you can find the great hall of Hogwarts and this time none of the students are there so you can really enjoy how magical the room looks.

Sure 550 pieces does not sound like a lot but it will still be a challenge to build it as there is a lot of similar looking details on the puzzle.

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buy Hogwarts Shorts and Shirt Sleep Set

Hogwarts Shorts and Shirt Sleep Set

If you would have liked to go to Hogwarts to become as good in magic as Harry Potter then you will like this pajama set.

The Hogwarts sleep set comes with a shirt and shorts. The shorts are black with a red drawstring and in red, the Hogwarts logo on it, many times and the shirt is a heathered pink with a big Hogwarts logo on it.

You can get his Hogwarts pajama set in women’s junior sizes XSmall – XL and I am sure that Hermione would love to wear some.

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buy Women’s Hogwarts Cut-off Shorts

Women’s Hogwarts Cut-off Shorts

Now you can have Harry Potter shorts that makes it clear to the world that Hogwarts is your choice of school.

The women’s shorts are available in many junior sizes and are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

The shorts are black and red and have a cutoff look. On the front, you will find the Hogwarts logo and on the back, it says in big letters “Hogwarts”.

These Harry Potter shorts are great for summer and in winter they are still fun for lounging at home or maybe even as sleepwear.

Show the world what school you want to go to by wearing these fun Hogwarts shorts.

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buy Hogwarts Wax Seal Set

Hogwarts Wax Seal Set

If you are a true Harry Potter fan that likes to send real mail then this wax seal set is what you want to take a look at.

The set includes a Hogwarts seal stamp, 3 wax sticks, a melting spoon, and two candles. And the wax sticks come in 3 colors so that you can get the perfect seal for the perfect occasion.

Harry Potter got his Hogwarts letter with a seal on it and now you can send people the same seal on the mail your send them and that will make them feel really special as not many people still use wax seals on their mail.

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buy Hogwarts Logo Fingerless Gloves

Hogwarts Logo Fingerless Gloves

Now there are black gloves that are just what every Harry Potter fan needs.

These are fingerless gloves that have the crest of Hogwarts on it.

The gloves are black but have two yellow bands around the wrist and the Hogwarts logo is in full color.

Both men and women can enjoy these gloves as they are one size fits most. The Harry Potter gloves are made from 87% acrylic, 12% polyester, and 1% spandex making them perfect for winter. And as they Hogwarts gloves are fingerless that also means that they work great with your smartphone.

Make sure you get your hands warm inside or outside and the magic of Hogwarts can help you with that.

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buy Black Hogwarts Crest Dress

Black Hogwarts Crest Dress

If you are a real Harry Potter fan in need of an amazing dress then you came to the right place.

This black dress is great looking and has the Hogwarts crest in a silver color on the skirt but in a way that this dress is still perfect for formal setting as well as casual once.

The black dress has lace on the bottom edge and a high color that has a mesh piece around the neck to be a little bit see through and the back has a lace up section that gives it the feel of a corset. And the side zipper makes this sleeveless Harry Potter dress easy to put on.

You can get this black Hogwarts dress in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL.

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buy Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Backpack

Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Backpack

Now there is a Harry Potter backpack that brings it all back to the beginning of the story.

The backpack looks like the envelope of the Hogwarts letter that Harry Potter got.

The cream colored slouch backpack has on the top flap the address of Mr. H. Potter on it and yes that was the cupboard under the stairs. And to make the backpack even more special it even has a big red seal on it so you know it is authentic.

The Harry Potter backpack is 15 x 12 inches and is made from 88% cotton and 12% PU and it has adjustable straps and magnetic a magnetic closure.

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buy Harry Potter Reversible Hogwarts Scarf

Harry Potter Reversible Hogwarts Scarf

If need a scarf to stay warm then this Hogwarts scarf is what you need especially if you are a Harry Potter fan.

The scarf is grey on one side and black on the other but on both sides you can find the word “Hogwarts” in big letters and the crest and then there are fun colored tassels on the end to make this Harry Potter scarf look real fun.

The 100% acrylic scarf if 70 inches long making it just the perfect scarf for winter or as part of your Harry Potter costume.

No longer do you have to be cold all thanks to this Harry Potter scarf.

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