buy Selk’Bag Chewbacca Sleeping Bag

Selk’Bag Chewbacca Sleeping Bag

Star Wars Selk'Bag Chewbacca Sleeping Bag

Now there is a Star Wars sleeping bag that is not a bag but a big Chewbacca Onesie.

We all know sleeping bags and they are great but so baggy and ugly but that can be a thing of the past if you like Star Wars.

Because now there is a bit sleeping bag onesie made by Selk’Bag and they made it look like Chewbacca so you can feel like Chewbacca while sleeping in a sleeping bag shaped like your body.

And you can get this sleep system in kids and adult sizes and it has booties that zip off and all that makes it something you can even wear if you are really cold and walk around in looking like Chewbacca.

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