buy 2019 Star Wars Collectors Edition Wall Calendar

2019 Star Wars Collectors Edition Wall Calendar

Now Star Wars can have the perfect calendar because this is the 2019 Star Wars Collectors Edition Wall Calendar.

This Star Wars calendar does not show movie pictures but it does show scenes you may have scene in the movies but played out by collectible toys that all the true Star Wars fans own.

It really looks amazing and this is the 2019 calendar that will keep your amazed for a whole year long.

Now just write down you all your important appointments, birthday’s and other stuff on the calendar grid so that you also know when you have things happening.

Get your 2019 Star Wars Collectors Edition Wall Calendar

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buy Princess Leia Mighty Muggs Figurine

Princess Leia Mighty Muggs Figurine

Now Star Wars fans can have a Princess Leia Mighty Muggs figurine and is something you like to check out.

The figure of Leia is 4 inches tall and she has her classic look in her white outfit with her famous hair and when you press on top of her head Princess Leia will change the impressing of her face so she can look really happy but also really mad and that makes it really fun to play with.

The Hasbro made figurine is rated ages 6+ and really is a must have for all the real Star Wars collectors but also can be your first Star Wars figurine.

Get your Princess Leia Mighty Muggs Figurine

buy Stormtrooper Neck Tie

Stormtrooper Neck Tie

Now there is a Stormtrooper neck tie.

And this Star Wars tie is 57 inches long and 2.5 inches wide and will look great on adults and even some older kids. On the picture you can see a black tie with a white Stormtrooper helmet on it but clicking on the picture will expose you many more ties that look the same only they have other colors so that you can pick your Stormtrooper tie in the color that fits with your outfit.

If you are not to the happy about dressing up then having your own Dark Side neck tie will be just what you need.

Get your Stormtrooper Neck Tie

buy Millennium Falcon Necklace

Millennium Falcon Necklace

If you want some nice Star Wars jewelry then come check out this Millennium Falcon necklace.

This Millennium Falcon necklace is metal and has a pendant 1 1/2 x 1 inches that is shaped like the space ship and really looks like it only a lot smaller then the space crafty flown by Han Solo.

The Millennium Falcon comes with an 18 niche long necklace with a 3 inch extender.

Now all the true fans of Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon can wear their love around their neck.

The officially licensed Star Wars necklace is just one of this pieces you want to have in your collection.

Get your Millennium Falcon Necklace

buy Chewbacca Sneakers

Chewbacca Sneakers

If you like some new high top sneakers and you like Star Wars then you just have to check out these Chewbacca sneakers.

The sneakers are made from PU and are brown just like Chewbacca and it has white laces and sole and on the side of the shoe you can see the belt that Chewbacca wears on his chest.

You can get these cool Star Wars shoes in men’s sizes 7 – 13 but I think they will look great on women too.

Shoes like these just look great to anyone even if they never heard of Star Wars and to real fans like you they will look extra amazing.

Get your Chewbacca Sneakers

buy Star Wars Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

Star Wars Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

Now Star Wars fans that like stickers can get this Solo ultimate sticker collection.

This is not just a Star Wars sticker book this is a sticker book all about the Solo movie so yes you will find Han Solo inside it and a lot of the characters from the movie.

And besides sticker the book has lots of movie details to for you to read so that you know more about the Star Wars Solo movie.

There are not just a couple of stickers, there are more then 1000 stickers in this book and you can use those to make everything Star Wars approved.

Get your Star Wars Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

buy LEGO BB-8 75187

LEGO BB-8 75187

If you are a Star Wars fan that likes to build then you should check out this LEGO BB-8 figurine.

The BB-8 LEGO set is number 75187 and includes 1106 pieces that will make a 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide and even comes with his own stand so that the Star Wars droid can be on display in your home.

This is a fairly big Star Wars set to build but it will be worth you time as it looks amazing and just building your own Star Wars droid will be lots of fun too and you can do it all by yourself or do it with friends or family.

Get your LEGO BB-8 75187

buy Han Solo Mug

Han Solo Mug

With the Solo movie keeping us Star Wars fans entertained it would be nice to start the day with coffee from a fun Han Solo Mug.

And this Star Wars mug is just perfect because it shows Han Solo on the front pointing his gun to protect the coffee inside the mug and on the other side of the mug is says “Never Tell Me The Odds” and inside the 12oz. mug it has the Star Wars logo.

Now any beverage you choose can be served in this fun Solo mug and the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe so you could even used it for a mug cake.

Get your Han Solo Mug

buy Women’s Leia Bathing Suit

Women’s Leia Bathing Suit

If you like Princess Leia and swimming then you should check out this women’s Leia bathing suit.

The women’s one piece swimsuit is white just like the famous Princess Leia outfit and even has the belt she wears printed in silver on the outfit and then on one of the shoulder straps you can see the Rebel logo also in silver making it legit Star Wars wear.

You can get this Star Wars swimsuit in women’s sizes Small – 2XL.

Now you are all set to feel like a princess when going for a dip in the pool or enjoying a day at the beach.

Get your Women’s Leia Bathing Suit

buy Welcome You Are Yoda Doormat

Welcome You Are Yoda Doormat

If you like to welcome Star Wars fans to your home then you just have to check out this Yoda doormat.

The doormat has the face of master Yoda on it and below his head it says “Welcome You Are” in the typical way Yoda would say it.

The Star Wars doormat is made from 58% polyester and 42% coconut and it is 60 x 40 cm making it just he perfect mat for in your home especially if you are a big Star Wars fan.

No there will be less dirt in your home because a Star Wars doormat is great for wiping your dirty shoes on.

Get your Welcome You Are Yoda Doormat