buy Toy Story Pizza Planet Blanket

Toy Story Pizza Planet Blanket

Toy Story fans can now have this pizza planet blanket.

The throw blanket has a black background with lots of stars and planets and in the foreground, you find many famous green aliens and they seem all impressed by the big Pizza Planet rocket that is in between them and the background.

The Toy Story blanket is 48 x 60 inches and is great for being warm while watching TV and you can enjoy it on a bed, couch, chair and on the go because you can take it to the park too for a nice picnic that should, of course, include pizza because of the blanket.

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buy Vans Toy Story Aliens Kids Shoes

Vans Toy Story Aliens Kids Shoes

Now there are Vans Toy Story shoes for kids that love Aliens and Toy Story.

The kid’s shoes are typical Vans and have a green sole with a white edge and the fabric of the shoes is covered in the famous green Aliens and Woody is there too but he does not seem too happy about that.

And these Toy Story shoes are available in many kids size so that kids big and small can enjoy wearing Aliens on their feet.

And if your child loves Toy Story but does not want to learn how to use shoe laces then these shoes could be a good way to persuade them to learn as the Alien shoes have laces.

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buy Toy Story Ooooh Aliens T-Shirt

Toy Story Ooooh Aliens T-Shirt

Ooooh! The cute three eyed little aliens are waiting for the giant claw to come down and pick them up, as seen in the awesome animated series of Disney Pixar movies Toy Story.

On the front of this all black t-shirt you will see a line art image of three aliens done with soft neon colors, each detailed with three eyes and their space suits on.

The Toy Story aliens are looking up, probably at the giant claw. At the top of the shirt above all of the aliens you will see the saying “OOOHH!”

This t-shirt is made from 100% cotton to give you a super soft and comfortable shirt while also very durable to last you a long time. Available in a wide selection of guys sizes that range from Small to 2XL, and check out the ladies sizes to get the Toy Story aliens print on.

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buy Toy Story Aliens Tank Top

Toy Story Aliens Tank Top

This tank top is just plain white on the back but it has a racer back so that those shoulders get all the sun the want.

On the front it is not so empty as it is covered in green Aliens like we all know and love from the Toy Story movies. Lots of eyes will be staring away from you as every Alien has 3.

You can get this Toy Story tank top in women’s junior sizes Small – L.

If you like Toy Story or just little green men then a shirt like this could be perfect.

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buy Toy Story Baking Cups

Toy Story Baking Cups

Toy Story Baking Cups

There is the alien from Toy Story printed on this Wilton baking cup and there is more of you favorite characters like Buzz and Woody on the side of this cupcake cup.

These cups are great for making Toy Story cupcakes or to store other things like candies in for your party.

And with all you Toy Story friends ready to party these baking cups will make it even better.
50 Toy Story baking cups are found in one pack so plenty for a nice size party.

Come check out this Toy Story Baking Cups.

buy Toy Story Green Alien Birthday Candle

Toy Story Green Alien Birthday Candle

Toy Story Green Alien Birthday Candle

Remember the green little aliens from Pizza planet?

A true Toy Story fan will and if you are or know one of those then this is the birthday candle of your dreams.

This candle will make you cake in to the perfect Toy Story cake.

The candle shows a red and white rocket and a green Alien.

So if you are planning a Toy Story party then come check out this Toy Story Alien Birthday Candle.

buy Toy Story Alien Dust Plug

Toy Story Alien Dust Plug

Toy Story Alien Dust Plug

Most of our mobile phones these days have a headphones jack and that of course is great to listen to music on your phone.

But when not in use this headphone plug collects dust when you phone is in your pocket or bag.

Now you can change that by using a fun dust plug.

This plug is looks just like the jack of your headphones and fits perfectly in your phone. And this dust plug has something extra.

There is a little green alien on the dust plug and if you look good in one of his 3 eyes then you know that he is one of aliens from the Toy Story movie.

So if you like this green alien on your phone then come check out this Toy Story Alien Dust Plug.

buy Toy Story The Aliens Poster

Toy Story The Aliens Poster

Toy Story The Aliens Poster

The Toy Story movies would be so much more different if there wheren’t these funny green 3 eyed aliens.

And now you can have a poster with a bunch of those aliens and they are all staring at you!

The Toy Story poster is 34 x 22 inch and  that of cousers is perfect for your wall.

If aliens and toys are you passion then come see this Toy Story The Aliens Poster.

Toy Story Alien Soap Dispenser

Toy Story Alien Soap Dispenser

Toy Story fans recognize this alien right away.

So I am sure that your kids will to.

This 3 eyed alien is a soap dispenser and can hold the liquid soap that you want your kids to use to wash their hands.

As expected this Alien came original from Pizza Planet and where kids eat pizza kids get dirty hands so wash them with the help of one of the fun Toy Story characters.

When bathroom time comes around you should have this liquid soap dispenser ready because then your kids will love to wash their hands.

Come and get your own Toy Story Alien Soap Dispenser.

buy Toy Story Alien Flash Drive

Toy Story Alien Flash Drive

Toy Story Aliens USB flash drive

Remember the Aliens from the Toy Story movies?

This is one of them and this one is more then just a toy. This Alien is a USB flash drive.
He loves to store all your important data and protect it with his alien life.

As you may know the Aliens originaly came from a claw vending machine at Pizza Planet but now they are a main part of the Toy Story clan.

The USB Connector is hiden in the head of this Alien. So just remove his head and you can get to your important data.

If you like a cool looking Alien as your Flash drive then you have to look at this one.

Come and get your Toy Story Aliens USB Flash Drive.