buy Ready Player One Bath Bomb Set

Ready Player One Bath Bomb Set

If you like a nice bath in style then you need this Ready Player One bath bomb set.

The bath bomb set includes 3 bath bombs and they are the tree keys we are all searching for to get to the Easter egg to gain control to the Oasis.

The copper, jade, and crystal key all have a different scent and they are peppermint, honey, and lavender because you want to smell great while taking a bath after a long day in the Oasis hunting for keys.

And these Ready Player one bath bombs make for the perfect present for the Art3mis in your life.

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buy Breaking Bad Bath Salts

Breaking Bad Bath Salts

Breaking Bad Bath Salts

This is the perfect gag gift for a Breaking Bad fan.

This bag contains blue crystals but it’s not meth it is bath salts.

And these Breaking Bad bath salts are called “Bathing Bad” and have all organic and natural ingredients.
Now you can soak in the tub relaxing with these bad salts that look like something cooked by Walter and Jesse.

Each bag contains 8oz of quality bath salts that will make you stop worrying about anything.

Lets get ready for a bath Breaking Bad style with these Breaking Bad Bath Salts.