buy DC Comics Batman Build A Bear

DC Comics Batman Build A Bear

DC Comics Batman is really cool so why not get a classic Build A Bear stuffed bear that is based after this very popular DC Comics superhero.

The Batman Build A Bear feature an all black plush stuffed bear that has multiple Batman bat symbols all over. The Batman logo really stand out as they are the traditional yellow ovals with a black bat in the center.

Standing 16 inches tall this DC Comics Batman is made by a trusted name of Build A Bear. This bear will be very high quality and last a long time while super soft and cuddly.

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buy Toy Story LEGO Duplo Train

Toy Story LEGO Duplo Train

Kids are going to love this Toy Story LEGO Duplo Train.

This Duplo set is made for kids ages 2 and up and yes adults can play with this fun Toy Story train too.

The LEGO Duplo set is number 10894 and has 21 pieces that are big enough for the tiny hands to put together.

The LEGO set has a classic western style train and there is more like a bomb and a cactus and Woody and Buzz Lightyear are there to for kids to play with.

LEGO is great fun to play with and the younger you start the longer you can enjoy it and it also helps you child develop motor skills.

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buy The Lion King Pumbaa 14 inch Plush

The Lion King Pumbaa 14 inch Plush

Disney’s The Lion King is a timeless classic. Now get your favorite character of Pumbaa in a giant 14-inch plush.

This is a large plush that looks just like Pumbaa. Find all the features of Pumbaa like a cute face, tuffs of hair, ears, two front horns, large tongue, long thin tail with a tuff of fur at the end. Also included inside Pumbaa’s mouth are removable bugs, a grub, and a ladybug.

This is a very high-quality plush that is part of the Disney Plush Collection. Perfect to add to your Lion King collection, snuggle up in bed or in front of a movie.

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buy LEGO Marvel Hulk Buster Smash Up

LEGO Marvel Hulk Buster Smash Up

LEGO has now created the perfect Avengers Infinity War collector’s item. The Hulkbuster is Tony Stark’s forty-fourth Iron Man suit only huge and now you can build it.

This LEGO set includes the Hulkbuster toy that when put together measures 5 inches high, 2 inches long and 6 inches wide. It features an opening cockpit that fits a LEGO minifigure.

Also included are 4 LEGO minifigures, Bruce Banner, Falcon, Proxima Midnight with a spear and Outrider. As well as the gun turret with a ball shooter and a compartment with Infinity Stone element.

The title for this awesome set is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up. It is number 76104 Building Kit and has 375 Pieces.

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buy Toy Story Duke Caboom Action Figure

Toy Story Duke Caboom Action Figure

Toy Story 4 is another great addition to the Toy Story series of animated movies from Disney Pixar. One new character captured the hearts of many, I am talking about the stunt racer Duke Caboom.

This is a great action figure of Duke Caboom that is fully functional. Put Duke on his motorcycle, load him in the launcher and BOOM! send him off riding his moto-cross bike up to 15 feet.

The Duke Caboom action figure is also poseable to perform different stunts while he is riding. The action figure stands 5 3\4 inches tall and would be a great addition to your Toy Story collection.

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buy Slinky Toy Story Plush Dog

Slinky Toy Story Plush Dog

Slinky from the Disney Pixar animated movie series of Toy Story is just one of many fun characters. Now you can take home your very own soft plush Slinky dog.

This Slinky plush features all the detail you would expect to see. From a super cute face, different colored paws, floppy ears and it extends and slinks in the main body stretching out.

The Toy Story Slinky plush is made to be very durable while staying super soft and easy to play and cuddle with. Slinky will measure about 10 inches long. For all the collectors out there, yes it does come in a great collectors box to keep it in mint condition. And it is good for kids as young as 18 months so everyone can play with this cute Toy Story dog.

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buy Avengers Hot Wheels 5 Pack

Avengers Hot Wheels 5 Pack

The Avengers have many superhero characters that we all love. Hot wheels have cool cars we all love. So now let’s fuse them together and check out these Avengers Hot wheels.

This is a 5 pack of hot wheels that feature themes and logos of some cool Avengers characters. Each Hot Wheel is different and designed specifically, find The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye.

Collector’s items for sure as the Avengers Hot Wheels come as a 5 pack in window box packaging perfect to keep sealed and in mint condition while open for everyone to see. Of course, you can take them out and play re-create some of your favorite Avengers scenes.

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buy Giant Rilakkuma Plush Bear

Giant Rilakkuma Plush Bear

Now you can get your own Giant Rilakkuma Plush Bear.

If you have seen the Netflix show Rilakkuma and Kaoru then you are going to love having this giant plush of the famous bear and as this Rilakkuma plus is 39 inches tall.

Sure he may not be as big as Rilakkuma is in the TV series but he is big enough to give you a good hug and this plush bear will look amazing while sitting around the house as he is big enough to take a seat in a nice chair or to lounge on the bed.

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buy Toothless Plush

Toothless Plush

Now there is a Toothless Plush that is just perfect for anyone that likes the How To Train Your Dragon movie and series.

This plush version of Toothless is 10 inches tall and nice and soft and that is not all as there are sounds build into this plush dragon to make him sound like the real Toothless does in How To Train Your Dragon.

Adults and kids can both enjoy this adorable plush dragon as it is rated ages 4+ and that makes this just a fun toy that will look amazing in between the other plush toys or How To Train Your Dragon merchandise.

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buy Forky Mr. Potato Head

Forky Mr. Potato Head

Now Toy Story fans can get their own Forky Mr. Potato Head.

All the true fans of Toy Story know that Mr. Potato Head is part of the movies but now something strange happenedĀ because now there is a Mr. Potato Head toy that is based on Forky which is kinda strange but also really fun.

This Toy Story 4 toy is good for kids ages 2+ and if you already have a lot of different Mr. Potato Head toys then it is good to know that you can mix and match items from most other Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys.

Forky is a great addition to your collection as she looks really fun with her red arms and funny eyes.

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