buy Betty Boop with Puddy And Bimbo Stickers

Betty Boop with Puddy And Bimbo Stickers

Now there is this Betty Boop with Puddy And Bimbo Stickers set that is a must have for Betty Boop fans.

This set includes 7 different stickers that are all die cut and just waiting for a part in your life. Fun stickers like this look great on laptops, lockers, wall, fridges, and almost anything else that is flat.

As you can see besides Betty Boop there is also Pudgy and Bimbo but it is all about Betty in her sexy red dress and even with some hearts.

If you want the world to know how much you like Betty Boop then show it off by putting a sticker on things people can see like your laptop.

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buy Betty Boop Golf Ball Marker

Betty Boop Golf Ball Marker

Now you can get your own Betty Boop Golf Ball Marker to take to the golf course.

The marker set includes a magnetic hat clip so that you can have your golf ball marker on your cap when not in use.

The ball marker is round and has a white background with on it Betty Boop holding a golf ball and a golf club and next to it the text in red saying “Golf Hottie”.

So when you are a golf player that likes Betty Boop then use this marker set because it is way more fun than boring once.

And this Betty Boop golf ball marker set makes for a perfect present too.

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buy Betty Boop On The Beach Towel

Betty Boop On The Beach Towel

Now you can dry yourself off with this Betty Boop On The Beach Towel.

On this towel, you can find a beach with the sea and sand and even some palm trees and a little cloud in the sky and then on the sand you can find a hula girl and yes the girl is Betty Boop and the sun in the sky is really impressed by the fun looking Betty.

The Betty Boop towel is great for the pool, shower, and the beach and it measures  30 x 60 inches and is made from 100% polyester.

So if you need a fun towel that is just perfect for a pool party then Betty Boop has you covered.

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buy Winking Betty Boop Bodysuit

Winking Betty Boop Bodysuit

Now your baby can be wearing this winking Betty Boop bodysuit.

The baby bodysuit is white and is available in sizes 6 – 24 months and it is made from 100% preshrunk soft jersey cotton and has 3 snaps on the bottom to make it easy to put it on and off.

On the baby outfit you can see Betty Boop from the side while wearing her famous red dress and she turns her head to you and winks with one eye at you.

A cute snapsuit like this will look great on your infant and it is definitely better then just boring and plain.

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buy 2019 / 2020 Betty Boop Planner

2019 / 2020 Betty Boop Planner

If you need a pocket planner for your appointments then come and check out this 2019 / 2020 Betty Boop planner.

The pocket planner is good for 2019 and 2020 and is great for writing down all you appointments and maybe birthdays of all your friends.

The Betty Boop paper planner shows you a month calendar but still offers plenty of room for your school and work appointments and it already has all the major holidays filled out for you.

And the cover of the planner has a nice big picture of Betty Boop in a nice black dress and inside the planner you will find many small Betty Boop details.

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buy Betty Boop Music Box

Betty Boop Music Box

If you like Betty Boop and music then you should check out this Betty Boop music box.

The black music box is a limit edition and just looks stunning and is a must have for the true fans and collectors.

The black music box has little gold feet and on the top you can find two red hearts on top. On the black metallic music box you will find lots of red lips from the kisses Betty is giving you and her image can be found on the front and the back and even her dog Pudgy can be found on the back.

And it is a music box and this box will play the melody “Always In My Heart”.

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buy Betty Boop Wind Chime

Betty Boop Wind Chime

Betty Boop is ready to make sweet music for you because this is a Betty Boop wind chime.

The wind chime is great for a nice place in your home and preferable one with a little bit of wind because then she can make noise for you.

The wind chime has different Betty Boop’s in different poses and outfits and they will all move in the wind and she will chime away making the sweet sound we all like from our wind chimes.

Give it a nice place hanging outdoors or indoor so that you can a stare at Betty Boop when ever you feel like this classic cartoon character.

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buy Betty Boop Can Koozie

Betty Boop Can Koozie

Now there is a Betty Boop can koozie that can keep you can look amazing.

The can cooler is great at keeping your drink cooler while keeping your hands warm. The koozie is striped in light blue and on the light blue background you can see the words “Betty Boop” and on her name you can see Betty sitting in her sexy red dress while showing off her long legs.

Beer or pop any can will look better while in this Betty Boop koozie and as it is made from a foam material it is nice and soft to hold that can and when not in use it will fold flat so that it takes very little room in storage.

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buy Betty Boop Postage Stamp

Betty Boop Postage Stamp

If you like real mail and Betty Boop then you have to check out this Betty Boop postage stamp.

The postage stamp is mainly white and on it you can see the head of Betty Boop and she is winking at you.

You can get this stamp in a horizontal and vertical style and in many different rates that go from $0.35 all the way to $6.70 so that you can get the true value you need for snail mail needs.

Now all the mail you send can look amazing because of Betty Boop you stick on your envelopes.

These Betty Boop stamps are approved by the United States Postage Service but not available at the post office so you will get something really special.

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buy Baby Betty Boop Bodysuit

Baby Betty Boop Bodysuit

If you want some adorable baby clothing then you should check out the baby Betty Boop bodysuit set of two.

The bodysuits are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and come in baby sizes 0 – 9 months.

The first bodysuit is white with purple edges and on the white fabric you can find the face of Betty Boop all over it and also some kisses from Betty.

The second bodysuit is purple and on it you can find a heart surrounded by hearts and in the middle of the heart it shows a baby Betty Boop and above the heart it says “So Loved”.

So now you can dress your newborn in Betty Boop style and I am sure it will look adorable on them.

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