buy Betty Boop Car Sun Shade

Betty Boop Car Sun Shade

Now there is an opportunity to keep your car cool all thanks to this Betty Boop car sun shade.

The sun shade will fit most windshields and folds easily for storage.

The Betty Boop sun shade is black with a red edge and on the black, you can see Betty Boop throwing you a kiss and her kiss is found on the other corner with her name “Betty Boop” below it.

So if you are crazy about Betty Boop and would like your car to be a bit cooler then you should just have to add this car windshield sun shade as it looks amazing and it keeps you cool.

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buy Dancing Betty Boop Wall Clock

Dancing Betty Boop Wall Clock

If you like to know the time and you like Betty Boop then you need to look at this Betty Boop wall clock.

The wall clock shows Betty Boop while dancing in a nice dress and if you look closely then you can see that the same pattern of the dress is also used for the background of the clock.

The wall clock is available with a wood, white, or black edge and the hands of the clock come in white or black so that you can get the Betty Boop clock you really want.

Now every time you want to know the time you can do a little dance with Betty Boop.

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buy Red Betty Boop Shower Curtain

Red Betty Boop Shower Curtain

Now you can have a red Betty Boop shower curtain in your bathroom to replace the old and boring one that has been there for years.

This shower curtain has a red background with on it lighter red polka dots and on top of that, you can see Betty Boop in her short red dress and on the side it shows in big white letters her name “Betty Boop”.

Made from 100% polyester this shower curtain is perfect for your tub as it is 71 x 71 inches and is machine washable. Shower hooks are not included but the shower curtain does have 12 enforced eyelets.

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buy Betty Boop Personalized Luggage Tag

Betty Boop Personalized Luggage Tag

If you like Betty Boop and traveling then check out this Betty Boop luggage tag.

On the front, the luggage tag shows a red background with light red polka dots and on top of that you can see Betty Boop and her name beside it.

On the back, you will find the same red color for the top part and it does have Betty Boop on it too and below that it has your information just printed on the tag so that it is always ready for a trip.

A personalized luggage tag like this one is great for traveling but also great for you school or gym bag.

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buy Betty Boop USA Fridge Magnet

Betty Boop USA Fridge Magnet

If you like the USA and Betty Boop then this is the Betty Boop fridge magnet you want.

The magnet is available in both a square and a round version so that you get the magnet that you like best.

Both magnets have a light blue background with on it the word “USA” and it is decorated in red and white stripes and blue with stars. Next to the USA you can find Betty Boop and she is wearing a special blue dress that is decorated with red and white stars.

Show everyone you know that the US is where you heart is by placing this Betty Boop magnet on any metal surface. Fridge, whiteboard, locker, the options are limitless for this Betty Boop USA magnet.

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buy Betty Boop Leggings

Betty Boop Leggings

If you like Betty Boop and want something fun to wear then check out these Betty Boop leggings.

These women’s leggings are a blue green cyan color and have big polka dots all over. On the side of the leggings you can find the cool stuff with on one leg Betty Boop herself wearing the sexy red dress and on the other leg it says “Betty Boop”.

Leggings like this are just great fun to wear and people will notice and smile when they see them on you.

You can get these Betty Boop leggings in women’s sizes 0 – 16 (XSmall – XL) and all are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

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buy Betty Boop Two Tone Ring

Betty Boop Two Tone Ring

If you want a special piece of jewelry that has Betty Boop on it then you found it as this Betty Boop ring is stunning and perfect.

The Betty Boop ring is made from Sterling Silver and has two bands stuck together and one of the is 18K gold plated to give that gold tone and silver tone and then there is an enamel image of Betty Boop and she is surrounded by Diamonesk stones. And on the inside the ring is engraved with the text “Boop-Oop-A- Doop!” just like she always says.

And the Betty Boop ring comes in a nice gift box so that you can make it a real nice present for a special someone in your life.

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buy Betty Boop Cuckoo Clock

Betty Boop Cuckoo Clock

If you are looking for a Betty Boop clock then you are in luck as this Betty Boop cuckoo clock is stunning are ready for on your wall.

The Betty Boop clock looks like a black stage with red curtains and lots of gold and on the edge just under the clock face you can see Betty sitting with a microphone in her hand.

And this maybe a cuckoo clock but there is not bird to be found but the place of the birdie is taken over by Pudgy and he barks.

Besides the barking of Betty Boop dog there is also light build into this clock to make it look even more like a clock you want to own.

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buy Swimsuit Wearing Betty Boop Tank Top

Swimsuit Wearing Betty Boop Tank Top

Now you can have a Betty Boop tank top that has both the front and back covered in a fun print of Betty.

This unisex tank top shows a black background with on it a big picture of Betty Boop wearing a swimsuit. And this image can be found on the front and the back so that you are sandwiched between two images of Betty Boop.

You can get this Betty Boop tank top in sizes XSmall – XL and they are made for both men and women that like this classic cartoon character.

When the weather is perfect so is wearing this amazing tank top so what are you waiting for?

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buy Betty Boop And Pudgy Beach Towel

Betty Boop And Pudgy Beach Towel

A day at the beach of a shower at home this Betty Boop and Pudgy beach towel is what you need.

On the green towel yo can see Betty Boop and her dog Pudgy almost like they are using your towel as bed sheets and there are some Betty Boop kisses on this towel as well.

The Betty Boop towel is 59 x 29 inch and has the front of it printed with the Betty Boop image while the back is just plain white.

Now a visit to the pool or beach is extra fun as you can have Betty and her dog at your side.

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