buy Betty Boop with Puddy And Bimbo Stickers

Betty Boop with Puddy And Bimbo Stickers

Now there is this Betty Boop with Puddy And Bimbo Stickers set that is a must have for Betty Boop fans.

This set includes 7 different stickers that are all die cut and just waiting for a part in your life. Fun stickers like this look great on laptops, lockers, wall, fridges, and almost anything else that is flat.

As you can see besides Betty Boop there is also Pudgy and Bimbo but it is all about Betty in her sexy red dress and even with some hearts.

If you want the world to know how much you like Betty Boop then show it off by putting a sticker on things people can see like your laptop.

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buy Betty Boop Cuckoo Clock

Betty Boop Cuckoo Clock

If you are looking for a Betty Boop clock then you are in luck as this Betty Boop cuckoo clock is stunning are ready for on your wall.

The Betty Boop clock looks like a black stage with red curtains and lots of gold and on the edge just under the clock face you can see Betty sitting with a microphone in her hand.

And this maybe a cuckoo clock but there is not bird to be found but the place of the birdie is taken over by Pudgy and he barks.

Besides the barking of Betty Boop dog there is also light build into this clock to make it look even more like a clock you want to own.

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buy Betty Boop And Pudgy Beach Towel

Betty Boop And Pudgy Beach Towel

A day at the beach of a shower at home this Betty Boop and Pudgy beach towel is what you need.

On the green towel yo can see Betty Boop and her dog Pudgy almost like they are using your towel as bed sheets and there are some Betty Boop kisses on this towel as well.

The Betty Boop towel is 59 x 29 inch and has the front of it printed with the Betty Boop image while the back is just plain white.

Now a visit to the pool or beach is extra fun as you can have Betty and her dog at your side.

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buy Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder

Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder

Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder

Adding to your Betty Boop bathroom set, or starting a Boop themed barhroom this is a must have.

This toothbrush holder has a painted on image of Betty Boop with her leg up, a classic pose she has been seen in many times. Also find white and pink hearts all over with a red background, the awesome feature is Betty Boop’s furry dog friend Pudgy is found on top carved 3d out of ceramic.

Made from ceramic this Betty Boop toothbrush holder stands 6.5 inches tall and holds up to four toothbruhses.

Add this to your Boop! collection get this Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder.

buy Betty Boop And Pudgy Salt And Pepper Shakers

Betty Boop And Pudgy Salt And Pepper Shakers

Betty Boop And Pudgy Salt And Pepper Shakers

The iconic animation of Betty Boop is loved by many, also do not forget her little fury friend Pudgy her dog.

This is a really cool set of salt and pepper shakers that will be a must add to your Boop collection.

Find a very well detailed Betty Boop in the famous blue, red and white bikini with the other shaker being Pudgy biting the back of her bikini bottoms, also find Pudgy in a blue collar and a very fun red, white and blue top hat.

These salt and pepper shakers are made from high quality ceramic and have a magnetic insert to keep them together.

Collect these Betty Boop And Pudgy Salt And Pepper Shakers.

buy Betty Boop Heart Deco Cookie Jar

Betty Boop Heart Deco Cookie Jar

Betty Boop and Pudgy cookie Jar

Cookies are yummy and i read somewhere that people need to store cookies. I don’t have that problem i just eat them really quick.

But if you need a place to store you cookies then look at this Betty Boop cookie jar.

It is a big 11 inch tall jar with Betty Boop standing next to it and the words “Betty Boop” together with lots of hearts printed on it.

The the top of the cookie jar looks like cookies are pooring out and Pudgy is eating some. Betty’s dog Pudgy loves cookies so maybe you should keep him away from your cookie jar.

Now is the time to come check out this Betty Boop Heart Deco Cookie Jar.

Betty Boop Coca Cola Coaster Set

Coca Cola Coaster set

Why get dirty marks on your table from glasses of Cola?

It’s not nesecary and now you can get this set of 4 Betty Boop Coca Cola coasters to help with that.

These laminated wooden coasters will keep your tables clean and the nonslip cork back will keep them nice in place.

On these coaster you will see Betty Boop and Coca Cola. Betty will drink or serve the bottles of Coca Cola and her dog Pudgy is close bye  to keep an eye on things.

This coaster set is a must have for any Coca Cola or Betty Boop collector.

So don’t wait and go get your own Betty Boop Coca Cola Coaster Set.

buy Lucky Betty Boop Cookie Jar

Lucky Betty Boop Cookie Jar

Betty Boop Slot machine cookie jar

Lucky Betty Boop. This Cookie Jar is shaped as a slot machine with lots of coins coming out and look there is Pudgy to.

Betty stands next to the machine looking suprised by the winnings.

But what can you win? I guess that all depends in what you put in to this limited edition cookie jar.

This Betty Boop cookie jar is one of those special items that a real collector wants. It’s hand painted and numbered so this is a special Betty Boop item.

But of course you can also just use it to store you cookies.

Go have a look for your self and see this Lucky Betty Boop Cookie Jar.

Betty Boop Tote Bag

Betty Boop reusable shopping bag with coca Cola

Betty Boop loves her Coca Cola and on this reusable shopping bag you find her caring a carton of Coke bottles and a little heart above it to show us  her love for Coca Cola.

Besides having only Betty on it you can also find her dog Pudgy on the red side of the bag.

This tote bag is a little bit smaller then the usual size reusable bags but that means that it is great for smaller shopping or different tasks. This bag is perfect for you lunch or even to put a gift in.

And besides being pretty this bag will save the planet because now you don’t have to use so many plastic bags that end up in the garbage. This Betty Boop bag is made out of 25% recycled material and that makes it twice a good as a normal plastic shopping bag.

Betty Boop collectors are gone love this bag. So be quick and order your Betty Boop Tote Bag.