buy Lightning McQueen Beach Gear

Lightning McQueen Beach Gear

Cars beach towel with car number 95

Now summer can’t come soon enough because there is all this Lightning McQueen Beach Gear that is perfect for little fans of the Pixar Cars movies.

What is the most important thing you need when going to the beach?
Swim trunks and that is why there are these fun Lightning McQueen boy shorts.

Lightning McQueen Beach Gear

As you can see the trunks look fun with the light blue color with lots of red details and stripes and to make it all great they added a great image of Lightning McQueen and his number 95. And these Cars swim shorts come in sizes 2 – 10 so that lots of cars can enjoy a pair. So come get your Cars Sim Trunk.

And after a swim you need a good towel and the Lightning McQueen towel that is what a true fan of Cars needs and as you can see above the towel is cool with the big image of the famous 95 racing car. And the Cars is towel is 29 x 59 inches and made from 100% cotton making it the perfect beach towel that also can used at home after a good shower or used at the local pool.

The beach is great but you need something to wear to walk to the lush sand and that is why there are these fun flip flops.

Cars Kids Lightning McQueen Flip Flops

After Cars shorts and the towel you need matching footwear and that is why there are these fun Lightning McQueen flip flops that have cool checkered straps just like the checkered flag after a race and on the footbed you can find the same stripes as on the swim trunks and there is also an image of Lightning McQueen and on top of it his car number 95 on top of it.

You can get these fun Cars flip flops in lots of kids sizes so that there is the perfect fit for you.

So now you have found the perfect beach gear for a bit fan of Cars fans and just click on the picture of the other links in this post to find the products so that you can have a better look and looks at all the options available.

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buy Louise Screaming Beach Towel

Louise Screaming Beach Towel

Now there is this Louise Screaming Beach Towel that is just perfect for all the true fans of Bob’s Burgers.

The Bob’s Burgers towel is 27.5 x 15.7 inches making it a great size for a shower at home but also for taking to the pool or beach.

As you can see the towel has a yellow background and on top of that you can find Louise Belcher and she seems to be scream as her mouth is wide open and she is pulling on the braids of the pink bunny ears hat that she always wear.

I am sure that using this fun Louise towel will make you smile.

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buy Taz Beach Towel

Taz Beach Towel

Now Looney Tunes fan can get this fun Taz Beach Towel.

The Tasmanian Devil is one of my favorite cartoon creatures and this towel has a big picture of Taz on it and he is growling at anyone that wants to steal your towel.

The Looney Tunes towel is a 52 x 32 inches towel making it big enough for going to the beach or pool but also a good size for a shower.

If you use this towel at the beach or the pool then people will notice you because it is really an amazing towel especially as most people have a boring plain towel.

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buy The Little Mermaid Kitchen Set

The Little Mermaid Kitchen Set

Now there is this The Little Mermaid Kitchen Set that is what every home needs.

The kitchen set includes a towel, pot holder, and oven mitt and each are decorated in the style of The Little Mermaid.

As you can see each item has Ariel on it as mermaid we have seen in The Little Mermaid and there is more as her friend Flounder can be found on most of it together with a nice under the sea scene.

Just imagine having this kitchen set in your kitchen as it will bright things up and will look so much more fun then the boring plain kitchen sets most of use own.

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buy Dancing Teddy Beach Towel

Dancing Teddy Beach Towel

Bob’s Burgers fans can now go to the beach in style all thanks to this Dancing Teddy Beach Towel.

Teddy is one of my favorite Bob’s Burgers characters and this towel kind of tells you why.

The Bob’s Burgers towel is read with yellow and then on the top it says “How to dance Teddy” and below that 10 circles with in it a different image of a dance move that Teddy does.

And your Teddy towel is 30 x 60 inches making it just really fun for the beach, pool, or just for a shower at home.

I am sure that true Bob’s Burgers fans will immediately know that this is all about Bob’s Burgers when they see you use it at the beach.

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buy Despicable Me Minion Hooded Towel

Despicable Me Minion Hooded Towel

Now you can look just like a Despicable Me Minion with this children’s hooded towel.

This is an all yellow towel that features an attached hood and has the print of a Despicable Me Minion. When you put the towel on and hood up you see the Minion body outline. The hood has a print of two eyed goggles and eyebrows.

A great way to shoe off your love for the aminated series of Despicable Me and the little fun yellow Minions. The towel is made for children and perfect for the beach, swimming pool, showers or maybe dress up parties.

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buy Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Tea Towel Set

Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Tea Towel Set

A classic to remember. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and the rest is history. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom or any room then have a look at this cute set of tea towels.

On the set of 2 matching tea towels, you will find a large image of a classic sketch. The sketch is Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sitting back to back with touching hands.

Made from a very high quality of cotton giving you a durable tea towel that can easily dry up water while also staying super soft to the touch. Each tea towel measures 18 inches x 24 inches and will not just look good but also last a long time.

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buy Hogwarts Crest Beach Towel

Hogwarts Crest Beach Towel

Now Harry Potter fans can go to the beach all thanks to this Hogwarts Crest Beach Towel.

The Hogwarts towel is 28 x 58 inches and is made from 100% cotton.

As you can see the towel is dark blue in color with stripes on both the top and bottom and in the middle you can find the big Hogwarts crest.

So now anyone that loves Harry Potter can take a shower or go to the pool or beach and use this amazing towel.

A towel like this also makes for a nice present to give for a Harry Potter fan in your group of friends.

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buy Sesame Street Towel

Sesame Street Towel

Now there is the perfect Sesame Street Towel that is just perfect for kids and adults.

On this towel, you can see the sky in the background and a streetlight with the street sign that says “Sesame Street” on it and then there are lots of characters like Oscar The Grouch, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bernie, Bert, and Elmo and they all seem ready to go to the beach.

This Sesame Street towel is made from 100% polyester and measures 30 x 60 inches making it the perfect size for the pool, beach, or the shower at home.

Anyone that loves to get a fun towel can now get this Sesame Street towel as it is just perfect and fun.

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buy Betty Boop On The Beach Towel

Betty Boop On The Beach Towel

Now you can dry yourself off with this Betty Boop On The Beach Towel.

On this towel, you can find a beach with the sea and sand and even some palm trees and a little cloud in the sky and then on the sand you can find a hula girl and yes the girl is Betty Boop and the sun in the sky is really impressed by the fun looking Betty.

The Betty Boop towel is great for the pool, shower, and the beach and it measures  30 x 60 inches and is made from 100% polyester.

So if you need a fun towel that is just perfect for a pool party then Betty Boop has you covered.

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