buy Ready Player One Leaderboard

Ready Player One Leaderboard

If you want to win the Ready Player One Easter egg competition then getting this Ready Player One leaderboard.

This is not the normal Ready Player One leaderboard as this is a dry erase board so you can put you own name and score on he road and you can erase it when ever you need to put Parzival on the op again.

A cool leaderboard like this is fun to have at home to use with your friends if you play games and if you all like Ready Player One.

I am sure that not many people will have cool board like this so be the first one in your circle to own one.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Menu Board

Bob’s Burgers Menu Board

If you want to feel more like Louise from┬áBob’s Burgers then you just need this┬áBob’s Burgers menu board.

The chalkboard has a red border and on it you can see a preprinted “Burger Of The Day” on top and on the bottom the price of $5.95 and it comes with a piece of chalk so that you can make up your own amazing strange burger.

We all know that Louise Belcher always comes up with the coolest burgers and she write it down on the menu board and Bob never seems to cook them. And now you can write down your burger of the day and maybe you can even cook it this time.

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