buy Cheers The Complete Series DVD Set

Cheers The Complete Series DVD Set

If you like the TV series Cheers then you are in luck because now there is the Cheers the complete series DVD set.

The box set includes all 270 episodes and lots of extra’s and now you wonder how big this box is and I can tell you it is pretty big because it has 45 DVD’s in it so that there is enough room for all the episodes the TV series ever made.

Now you can rewatch all the episodes and see what Sam, Norm and all the others where up to and you can also see how Frasier became as he showed up first at the Cheers bar.

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buy Women’s Sam Malone T-Shirt

Women’s Sam Malone T-Shirt

Cheers is one of the TV classics everyone knows and if you really like Sam then you should check out this Sam Malone t-shirt.

The black women’s t-shirt shows a nice photo of Sam and he brought two beers, one for you and one for himself. Above the nice photo of Sam Malone, it says his first name “Sam” in white.

You can get this Cheers t-shirt in women’s junior sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from 100% cotton.

Show the world that you still think back on the TV series Cheers and the bar’s proprietor Sam Malone by wearing this Cheers t-shirt.

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buy Cheers Logo T-Shirt

Cheers Logo T-Shirt

We all know and love the classic TV series Cheers about that bar and all it’s interesting staff and customers.

And if you want to bring back some memories to other people about this funny series then this t-shirt can do it.

On the shirt you can see the sign that hangs on street level and shows the Cheers logo and points downstairs where the bar is.

You can get this Cheers t-shirt in men and women’s styles in many sizes and even in a wide range of colors to make this shirt just perfect for you.

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buy 2016 Cheers Wall Calendar

2016 Cheers Wall Calendar

This 2016 wall calendar is all about the classic TV series Cheers.

Every month you will be reminded about the fun and quirky characters of the TV series.

On the page you will find picture of the characters and something fun they said just to bring you back all the way till the time when hanging at the bar would be fun to watch on TV.

Besides Cheers this calendar also offers plenty of space for appointments so that you never have to forget when your birthday is or when you have to go see the Doctor.

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buy Cheers Norm T-Shirt

Cheers Norm T-Shirt

The Cheers bar would not be the same if Norm would not be there.

So why not remember Cheers by simply wearing a t-shirt with Norm Peterson on it.

And he is not just on the t-shirt, he is on this t-shirt the way we all remember him in the clothes we have seen him wear many times and the expression on his face just like he wouldn’t care. Besides the picture the t-shirt also says “Norm” in pretty big letters.

And this Cheers t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes from Small – 3XL and all are black.

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buy Cheers Logo Coaster

Cheers Logo Coaster

As a Cheers fan of course you only drink out of your Cheers Pint Glass but those leave big marks on the surface you put it on.

But now you can stop worrying about that because now there is a Cheers coaster.

This coaster has the Cheers logo on top complete with the est. 1895 (before Norm and Cliff where born). The bottom of this Cheers coaster is cork so that will protect the surface below and keeps it nicely in place while you are drinking from you Cheers glass.

The Cheers logo coaster 3.75 inch square making it easy to place you glass on.

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buy Cheers Logo Magnet

Cheers Logo Magnet

We all like that place “where everybody knows you name” and yes of course it Cheers the Boston bar from the famous TV show Cheers.

Now you can make you home feel a little bit more like Cheers by sticking this fridge magnet on your fridge.

This square magnet has the Cheers logo on it and when you put it on your fridge then every time you get a beer you can think back about that nice bar Norm and the rest of the Cheers characters where  hanging out at.

This Cheers magnet is 4.25 x 4.25 inch and that is the perfect size for on your beer fridge.

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buy I Drink At Cheers Bib

I Drink At Cheers Bib

When do you start preparing you newborn to get ready for drinking?

I guess not for many many years but in the mean time you could of course get them a Cheers bib.

This bib shows the Cheers logo and the text “I drink at Cheers where everybody knows your name”.

This bib only comes in one size that should fit most babies 0 – 36 months and sorry but it does not fit adults who drank to much.

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buy Cheers Logo Mousepad

Cheers Logo Mousepad

Classic TV shows like Cheers will never go away and that is why we should bring back those memories of Norm and all the other regulars from the Cheers Bar.

And if you office still uses those free mouspads with ads on it then maybe this is a great time to replace it with a Cheers mousepad.

This mousepad is mainly white and has a big Cheers logo in the middle.

And of course as a good mousepad should this one has a non slip back to make it stay in place while you are using it.

But remember don’t drink and mouse!

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buy Cheers Logo Golf Ball

Cheers Logo Golf Ball

What would you say to have some golf balls that are more fun then boring white?

This ball for instance has the Cheers logo on it.

So while hitting the ball you can think of this classic TV show and the drinking that was going on in the Cheers bar.

The balls come in packs of 3 and make a great gift for a golf player.

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