buy Finding Dory Baby Bib

Finding Dory Baby Bib

Now you child can eat and spill for while wearing this fun Dory bib from the movie Finding Dory.

The bib shows on the front the bottom of the sea with in front of it Dory and this fish really looks happy to be there as it has happy eyes and a big smile.

And Dory is wearing a tag with number 8181 and maybe that helps her not getting lost again.

The Finding Dory baby bib is great for kids 0 – 36 months and is made from 100% polyester fleece and that means it is soft and strong and ready to get food spilled on it.

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buy SpongeBob Bib And Bootie Set

SpongeBob Bib And Bootie Set

Babies like to spill food you serve them and that means everything gets dirty and that is why they invented the bib.

And now there is this fun yellow SpongeBob bib that looks just like SpongeBob Squarepants complete with his sponge head and to top of his pants. And this is not just a bib as it also comes with some cute socks to keep you infants feet warm.

Maybe you little one is still to little to understand SpongeBob but that does not means that you can’t enjoy looking at this bib while feeding your child.

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buy Transformers Bib and Hat

Transformers Bib and Hat

Transformers Bib and Hat

Do you remember playing with Transformer toys when you were a child?

Was your favourite Optimus Prime the of Autobot ?

Now you can dress your own baby in this cute bib and hat set that will remind you of those days.

This light blue bib has a simple red, white and blue picture of the body of Optimus Prime and the dark blue beanie hat has a printed armour pattern with raised areas over the ears to look like earphones.

So sit back and relax while you and your little one, dressed in this cute costume, watch the latest Transformer movie.

Transform your own baby into one of the most popular images of the 1980’s with this Transformers Bib and Hat.

buy Sesame Street Cookie Monster Bib and Hat

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Bib and Hat


Sesame Street Cookie Monster Bib and Hat

Who doesn’t love cookies? Now your very own little one can look like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street with this adorable bib and hat set.

Whether your child is eating cookies or any other kind of food, this bright green bib with the vivid blue body of Cookie Monster holding a large chocolate chip cookie will have your child asking for more.

This officially licenced outfit can also be used as a costume with its matching blue hat with Cookie Monster’s googly eyes front and centre.

Encourage your little one to eat just like their favourite Sesame Street character with this Sesame Street Cookie Monster Bib and Hat.

buy Jack Skellington Bib And Hat

Jack Skellington Bib And Hat

Jack Skellington baby Bib And Hat

What does a baby that goes to solids need?

A bib and if you combine it with a nice hat then their head will stay warm while eating.

If you like the Nightmare Before Christmas then you gone love this set.

First there is a white bib with on it a picture of Jack Skellington’s body and then there is a white hat with on it Jack’s face complete with his funny smile. And together this makes your baby look like Jack Skellington.

The Nightmare Before Christmas bib and hat set is made from 100% cotton and will look great on any infant.

Come and check out this The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Baby Bib And Hat.

buy Elmo Bib And Hat

Elmo Bib And Hat

Sesame Street Elmo Bib And Hat

One thing is almost a given your new baby is gone like Sesame Street and in particular Elmo.

And now you can get this super fun baby set that includes a bib and hat both made from 100% cotton.

The bib is yellow with a red edge and on the bib you can see Elmo’s body and your babies head will make it complete.
And then there is a red hat with Elmo’s eye’s and nose and that of course will make the costume complete.

If you don’t have your own little kid then maybe this can be the perfect present for some new parents.

Come and have a closer look at this Sesame Street Elmo Bib And Hat.

buy I Drink At Cheers Bib

I Drink At Cheers Bib

When do you start preparing you newborn to get ready for drinking?

I guess not for many many years but in the mean time you could of course get them a Cheers bib.

This bib shows the Cheers logo and the text “I drink at Cheers where everybody knows your name”.

This bib only comes in one size that should fit most babies 0 – 36 months and sorry but it does not fit adults who drank to much.

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buy Mickey Mouse Play Ball Bib

Mickey Mouse Play Ball Bib

Mickey Mouse Play Ball Bib

The little once like their food and specially to spit it out and play with it and for those days a baby bib is the perfect solution.

And this Mickey Mouse bib is of course perfect for your baby.

The velcro closesure on the back makes it easy to put on and take off and this bib even has a crumb catching pocket on the front so that the mess even better stays close to the baby.

On this bib you see Mickey  Mouse surrounded by sport balls and the words “Play Ball” and that make it great for your little boy.

Looking for a fun bib? Look no further come and get this Disney Mickey Mouse Play Ball Bib.

buy Hello Kitty Baby Bib

Hello Kitty Baby Bib

Hello Kitty large Baby Bib

Hello Kitty fans start at a really young age.

And now you baby can become the next Hello Kitty fan.

This baby bib is pink and shows Hello Kitty sitting with a little bird sitting on her head and surounded with all kind of fun animals.

And this is a large bib witch means that they say that is large enough for babies 6 months and up.

If you need some new bibs for the little one then come look at this Hello Kitty Baby Bib.

buy Winnie The Pooh Baby Bib

Winnie The Pooh Baby Bib

Disney Winnie The Pooh Baby Bib

Is your little girl going on to solid foods?

If so then you will know how messy this can get.

And for those messy times they made a fun Winnie the Pooh bib that will keep your babies clothes clean and the bib probably dirty.

If you are looking for a fun bib that is not just plain boring then Winnie the Pooh is the solution again.

Come check out everything you want to know about this Disney Winnie The Pooh Baby Bib.