buy Jack Skellington Cooler Backpack

Jack Skellington Cooler Backpack

Now you can store your drinks in this Jack Skellington Cooler Backpack and be ready for a cold drink.

This The Nightmare Before Christmas backpack is black and grey and shows Oogie Boogie on the top flap and Jack Skellington and some bats on the back pocket.

The backpack has one big compartment where you can store your cans and ice and then there are some more pockets for other things you need.

Now you can go for a picnic in the park and have a cold drink all thanks to Jack Skellington. This cooler bag is just perfect for so many outdoor activities.

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buy R2-D2 Cooler Backpack

R2-D2 Cooler Backpack

When it is summer you may go out to the beach or park and want a cold drink and if you are a Star Wars fan then you need this R2-D2 Cooler Backpack.

This is a little Star Wars backpack and it can hold up to 20 cans. And just put some ice in it too to make sure your drinks stay cold.

The outside of the backpack is blue and grey and says “R2” and even shows an image of my favorite Star Wars droid R2-D2.

And this little Star Wars backpack has some other small pockets too so that it can hold other thinks beside a cold drink.

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