buy Seinfeld Faceless Coffee Mug

Seinfeld Faceless Coffee Mug

If you like Seinfeld and a morning coffee then you should check out this amazing looking Seinfeld faceless coffee mug.

The Seinfeld mug is made from white premium ceramic and comes in an 11 and a 15 oz version.

On the white ceramic mug you can see the cast of Seinfeld only without their faces put in.

You can see Kramer, Elaine, George, and Jerry Seinfeld doing some fun poses to make this just a fun mug.

True fans of this now classic TV series can get a smile every morning while looking at this mug while getting ready for the first cup of coffee of the day.

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buy Kramer Vinyl Idolz Figurine

Kramer Vinyl Idolz Figurine

Is Kramer you favorite Seinfeld character?

If he is then you are in luck because now there is this amazing looking figurine of Cosmo Kramer.

This is an 8 inch figurine in the Vinyl Idolz series and it is number 13.

Kramer looks like you expect him to look with his arm in the air with his hands up just like we all have seen him do a million times. Besides the hands the clothing and his facial expressions are spot on making him just the perfect addition to your Seinfeld collection.

Kramer also comes in a nice windowed box so that you can keep him in new condition if you want.

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buy Kramer These Pretzels Make Me Thirsty T-Shirt

Kramer These Pretzels Make Me Thirsty T-Shirt

Seinfeld Kramer These Pretzels Make Me Thirsty T-Shirt

We all know that Kramer is a little bit different then most of us.

And this time is is going crazzy for some pretzels. Of course we all know what is gone happen and that is what we find on this t-shirt.

This white shirt has a picture of Cosmo Kramer’s head surrounded by pretzels and the text “These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!”.

And that is all you need to have a funny t-shirt.

This 100% cottton t-shirt comes in an extra big range of adult sizes from small to 5xl.

So if like funny Seinfeld t-shirts then you have to get this Seinfeld Kramer These Pretzels Make Me Thirsty T-Shirt.

buy Seinfeld Kramer Lobster Button-Up T-Shirt

Seinfeld Kramer Lobster Button-Up T-Shirt

Seinfeld Kramer Lobster Button-Up T-Shirt

Cosmo Kramer …… one of the most classic characters on Seinfeld and maybe one of the most rememerable in television history.

This is one of many cool and fun shirts that Kramer has been seen wearing during the comedy television series of Seinfeld, it features multiple red lobsters all over it front to back and is a collared button-up style.

Available in standard fit sizes from Medium to 2XLarge.

Perfect for any occasion maybe as a halloween costume or even if you have to dress up a little this collared button-up t-shirt will look awesome.

Check out this Seinfeld Kramer Lobster Button-Up T-Shirt.

Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster

Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster

Once Seinfeld was the show to watch and still we love to see Jerry and his friends doing all their crazzy things on TV.

And now you can decorate your media room or any other place around the house with a nice Seinfeld Poster.

This poster shows Jerry, George, Elaine and of course Kramer. They are all sitting on the back of a taxi.

A fun way to get reminded of this fun comedy from the olden days.

This poster is 24 x 36 inches.

Get ready to laugh at this Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster.

buy Kramer Hole In One T-Shirt

Kramer Hole In One T-Shirt

kramer hole in one t-shirt

Cosmo Kramer is such a funny character. One of  those people that make or break a comedy.

Seinfeld would no have bin the same without Kramer.

On this t-shirt we see a picture of Kramer and the words “Hole In One!”

If you like a funny t-shirt the Kramer makes it funny.

Go check out this Kramer Hole In One T-Shirt.

buy Kramerica Industries T-Shirt

Kramerica Industries T-Shirt

Kramerica Industries

Kramer always had something going on in his head that would in his eyes would change the world. His”company” Kramerica Industries was reason for us to laugh and laugh out loud.

This shirt is such a classic that it should just be part of a Seinfeld fan’s closet.

Check out all the cool colors you can get this 6 dollar Kramerica Industries T-Shirt in.