buy Kids Rapunzel Hoodie And Leggings Set

Kids Rapunzel Hoodie And Leggings Set

Now there is this fun Kids Rapunzel Hoodie And Leggings Set that your girl is going to love.

You can get this Rapunzel out fit is many kids sizes from 18 months all the way to a kids size 8.

The leggings are purple and covered in many stars that even come in different colors and then there is the hoodie that is a light purple and even has some ruffles on the sleeves and on the front it shows a nice picture of Princess Rapunzel and it also says “Shine On!” on it and it looks really neat.

I am sure you girl is going to love this outfit.

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buy Princess Rapunzel Doll With Ring

Princess Rapunzel Doll With Ring

Now you can get your own Princess Rapunzel Doll With Ring.

This Disney doll shows the Disney Princess we all know from the Tangled movie and she is wearing her famous purple dress and still has really long hair.

And besides the doll, it comes with a ring too and that ring is for the person that plays with this amazing looking doll.

And even Disney collectors are in luck as this Rapunzel doll comes in a nice see-through box so that you can keep it look new.

And kids ages 3+ are safe to play with this fun Princess doll from Disney.

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buy Rapunzel Drawstring Bag

Rapunzel Drawstring Bag

Now people that want a fun bag and like princesses can get this Rapunzel drawstring bag.

The Princess bag is available in two versions one is a dark pink (on the picture) and one is a light pink and both show Princess Rapunzel from the Tangled movie but they do have a different design so click on the picture to see both.

The Rapunzel bag is 10 z 14 inches and has one drawstring and that makes it into the perfect bag for the kids to carry around their stuff.

A Disney Princess is loved by kids and adults and having a drawstring bag with a Princess on it is one way to show your love.

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buy Rapunzel And Flynn Knee Socks

Rapunzel And Flynn Knee Socks

If you like the Tangled movie and would like some fun socks then you should check these Rapunzel and Flynn knee socks.

The socks together show the scene with Rapunzel and Flynn in the boat and yes Pascal the chameleon is there too.

These women’s socks are knee socks are made from 78% cotton, 20% nylon, and 2% spandex.

So now you can wear some amazing socks and feel like a princess because you are wearing one on your feet and fun socks like this work great under shorts, skirt or dress but even under jeans they work because you still know that you are  wearing a Disney Princess on your feet.

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buy Rapunzel Figurine

Rapunzel Figurine

Now you can have your own Rapunzel figurine as that should be part of every Disney collection.

The figurine of Rapunzel is highly detailed and she really is showing off the amazing dress she is wearing and her hair is decorated with flowers.

The Rapunzel figurine is made from stone resin and is 9 inches tall and it looks like she just walked out of the Tangled movie.

Everything you want is there complete with shoes and an amazing look and that means that this should be part of you Disney collection.

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buy Rapunzel Leggings

Rapunzel Leggings

Now there are Rapunzel leggings for women that would love to have this Disney Princess on their legs.

The leggings have a pink background with some Disney details on it and on top of that background, you will find Rapunzel just like we have seen her in the Tangled movie.

Rapunzel covers most of the right leg while her hair flows to the left leg.

You can get these Tangled leggings in women’s sizes XSmall – XL and they are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex so that they feel great and have enough stretch if you like them form fitting.

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buy LEGO Princess Rapunzel’s Tower 41054

LEGO Princess Rapunzel’s Tower 41054

The magical world of Disney now can be constructed by yourself with the classic and fun LEGO blocks. If you love Disney’s Tangled then check out this LEGO set.

This LEGO set is based after Rapunzel’s tower from the great Disney animated movie Tangled. Find all the pieces to put together the tower along with many different accessories from a full kitchen, hidden stair case, fireplace, mirror, chair, frying pan, tiara and so much more.

Not only do you get all of these accessories you will also get 2 LEGO mini figures of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as well as Pascal the chameleon.

The Rapunzel’s tower is the LEGO set number of 41054 and when put together it measures over 12 inches high x 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep.

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buy Princess Rapunzel Lunch Box

Princess Rapunzel Lunch Box

Now there is a Rapunzel lunch box that is just what you or your child needs.

This lunch box made by Yubo shows on the front and back a nice image of Princess Rapunzel just like we know her from the Tangled movie. Besides the princess, it says “Rapunzel” on the picture but there it can have your name (at no extra cost) and that makes this a fun personalized lunch box every kid and adult will like.

Inside the lunch box, you will find an icepack, sandwich box, and two snack boxes and all that can be washed in the dishwasher.

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buy Princess Rapunzel Water Bottle

Princess Rapunzel Water Bottle

This is a Rapunzel water bottle and that is what every Disney Princess fan needs.

The stainless steel bottle comes in many fun colors and has a picture of Rapunzel and all her hair on it just like you seen it in the movie Tangled.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel this bottle is 100% BPA free, lightweight, crack proof and of course spill proof to.

And the threaded lid of the Rapunzel bottle is great for attaching it to a bag so that you always have it handy even if you have no room inside your school backpack.

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buy Rapunzel And Pascal Ornament

Rapunzel And Pascal Ornament

Rapunzel And Pascal Ornament

If you are looking for the perfect, elegant Christmas tree ornament here is a wonderful Rapunzel and Pascal one.

Featured here is a Christmas tree ornament that looks just like Rapunzel from the hit Disney animated movie Tangled, find her in the long purple dress and holding her best friend Pascal the little green lizard. There is also a really nice matching satin purple ribbon used to hang on the tree.

This beautiful Rapunzel and Pascal ornament is part of the Disney Sketchbook collection it is crafted with the most intricate details to really bring the ornament off the movie screen and on to your tree.

Lighten up your Christmas tree with Disney Tangled Rapunzel And Pascal Ornament.