buy The Muppets Bunsen and Beaker T-Shirt

The Muppets Bunsen and Beaker T-Shirt

Muppets Bunsen and Beaker T-Shirt

Everyone has their favorite characters from The Muppet Show TV series and movies.

Two of the most beloved are Bunsen and Beaker, and now they are on this awesome t-shirt.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, the resident scientist and host of the “Muppet Labs” sketches is standing in front of his assistant, Beaker. Bunsen is wearing his white lab coat and black lensless eyeglasses and Beaker is wearing is usual green oversize shirt and jacket.

Beaker’s reddish hair is standing straight up and they are both waiting for some sort of misfortune to happen to Beaker, such as having him being blown up or deflated.

This black 100% preshrunk cotton men’s t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 5XL so you can find a size for all the men on your list.

Take a good look at this Muppets Bunsen and Beaker T-Shirt.

buy Muppets Beaker And Bunsen Labs T-Shirt

Muppets Beaker And Bunsen Labs T-Shirt

Muppets Beaker Bunsen Labs T-Shirt

From the classic series The Muppets you can not forget those crazy lab scientists Beaker and Dr. Bunsen, if you are a fan of this lab duo then take a look at this wacky t-shirt.

Featured on this t-shirt is a great white and black image of Beaker shaking and saying “MEEP”, beside him is Dr. Bunsen holding a slime green experiment and a saying at the bottom that says “Beaker will now demonstrate…”. Also find the saying “Muppet Labs Beaker Bunsen”.

This really fun Muppets t-shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from S to 2XL, using a combed cotton/ poly blend you will find this t-shirt is super comfortable and very durable.

Do not try this at home, instead get The Muppets Beaker And Bunsen Labs T-Shirt.

buy The Muppets Backpack

The Muppets Backpack

The Muppets Backpack

Who is your favorite Muppet?

Well with this backpack it really doesn’t matter, find all of the cool Muppet characters all over this backpack, with the front small pocket featuring Animal, Kermit the frog, Fozzy Bear and Gonzo in his Super Gonzo costume.

This backpack has many cool features aswell, a large main compartment with a zipper, a smaller front pocket also with a zipper and two side pockets that are fastened shut with velcro.

Measures 16 inches and is an officially licensed Disney backpack, there is lots of room for all your books and gear.

Try out The Muppets Backpack.

buy The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt

The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt

The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt.

The nerdy Muppets Beaker and Dr. Bunson are loved by many, do you love them.

On the front of this t-shirt you will find “I (heart) NERDS” and a great picture of Beaker with his crazy orange hair and Dr. Bunson with his bald head and glasses both in there white lab coats.

Made from 100% cotton this will be a very comy t-shirt, a baby doll style makes this hug tighter to the body giving it a very sleek and sexy look and is in a disco pink color.

Check out your The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt.