buy Beaker Play On Words T-Shirt

Beaker Play On Words T-Shirt

Beaker Play On Words T-Shirt

The Muppets have so many great characters, but none better than Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his trusty assistant Beaker. His name is even the same as a piece of lab equipment. That’s why this t-shirt is so fun, it is a play on words.

Take a simple lab beaker and put the Muppets Beaker’s face on it and volia! It is a clear beaker with Beaker’s red hair and sad face.

The sizes of this navy blue t-shirt run from S to 3XL. It is 100% cotton and it will be your new favorite screen print t-shirt for every occasion.

Get it today, your Beaker Play On Words T-Shirt.

buy The Muppets Beaker Costume

The Muppets Beaker Costume

The Muppetts Beaker Costume

Beaker calm down! Fans watching do not try this at home…..

Featured for this costume is Beaker the funny and wacky lab technician from the hit series of movies and television shows The Muppets, find the long white lab coat and checkered under shirt and tie as well as the pale looking hands of Beaker and the mask that has the iconic Beaker hair that is orange and stands straight up.

This super fun Beaker costume comes with a lab coat that has an attached under shirt and tie, gloves and Beaker mask, it is a one size fits most adults.

Have a blast at halloween or a costume party with the The Muppets Beaker Costume.

buy Muppets Beaker And Bunsen Labs T-Shirt

Muppets Beaker And Bunsen Labs T-Shirt

Muppets Beaker Bunsen Labs T-Shirt

From the classic series The Muppets you can not forget those crazy lab scientists Beaker and Dr. Bunsen, if you are a fan of this lab duo then take a look at this wacky t-shirt.

Featured on this t-shirt is a great white and black image of Beaker shaking and saying “MEEP”, beside him is Dr. Bunsen holding a slime green experiment and a saying at the bottom that says “Beaker will now demonstrate…”. Also find the saying “Muppet Labs Beaker Bunsen”.

This really fun Muppets t-shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from S to 2XL, using a combed cotton/ poly blend you will find this t-shirt is super comfortable and very durable.

Do not try this at home, instead get The Muppets Beaker And Bunsen Labs T-Shirt.

buy Beaker Meep T-Shirt

Beaker Meep T-Shirt

The Muppets Beaker Meep T-Shirt

There we have Beaker the amazing character from the Muppets.

And on this grey t-shirt you basically see Beaker with his red hair standing up and below his picture the word “MEEP” just like he would say.

Fans of the Muppets are really gone enjoy this t-shirt as it is such a classic and something that you just expect from The Muppets show.

And this Beaker t-shirt  comes in sizes Small – 2XL and it is tag less so no itchy thing pinching you in the back.

A t-shirt like this one will bring smiles on your and other people faces as it’s fun, cute and just The Muppets.

You should have a closer look at this The Muppets Beaker Meep T-Shirt.

buy Beaker Muppet Labs Safety First T-Shirt

Beaker Muppet Labs Safety First T-Shirt

Beaker Muppet Labs Safety First T-Shirt

If you watch the Muppets then you know that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is the kind of scientist that learns (hopefully) from trial and error.

And to warn people about this lab there is now this nice orange t-shirt.
On the t-shirt it says “Safety First Muppet Labs” and the i from First is a scared looking Beaker.

Beaker probably has the worst job at The Muppet show as he is Dr. Honeydew’s assistant and often get hurts the most in the experiments.

This fun Muppets t-shirt is availible in a wide selection of adult sizes to fit you like a Muppet.

Come and have a better look at this Beaker Muppet Labs Safety First T-Shirt. 

buy The Muppets Beaker iPad Case

The Muppets Beaker iPad Case

The Muppets Beaker iPad Case

This iPad case shows one of the stranges Muppets, Beaker.

And as you can see beaker seems suprised or maybe scared at it probably is because he sees that you don’t have a case on your iPad.

So Beaker made this case specially for you!

This case is availible for the following models:

  • iPad 4e generation
  • iPad 3e generation
  • iPad 2
  • iPad mini (COMING SOON)

And don’t worry that Beaker is gone fade or peel off, the picture is printed in the case so that it really will last.

Like any good case this case will keep the camera, buttons and ports availible for use and it even lets you use the smart cover to protect the front of your iPad.

Muppet fans come and check out this The Muppets Beaker iPad Case.

buy Beaker Meep Vinyl Sticker

Beaker Meep Vinyl Sticker

The Muppets Beaker Meep Vinyl Decal.

Support your favorite wacky Muppet with a cool and stylish sticker.

This is a sticker that features Beaker from the hit series The Muppets, find Beaker in a unique color pattern of half light blue and half red with the saying “MEEP” at the bottom.

This sticker will look really awesome on your vehicle or on a wall, also it could be used to decorate a laptop or binders and books, it measures approximately 3 inches x 4 inches.

Have a closer look a The Muppets Beaker Meep Vinyl Sticker.

buy The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt

The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt

The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt.

The nerdy Muppets Beaker and Dr. Bunson are loved by many, do you love them.

On the front of this t-shirt you will find “I (heart) NERDS” and a great picture of Beaker with his crazy orange hair and Dr. Bunson with his bald head and glasses both in there white lab coats.

Made from 100% cotton this will be a very comy t-shirt, a baby doll style makes this hug tighter to the body giving it a very sleek and sexy look and is in a disco pink color.

Check out your The Muppets I Love Nerds T-Shirt.

The Muppets Beaker Hat

the Muppets hat with Beakers fan and orange hair

Muppets fan all over know and love Beaker.

And now you can become a little bit more like beaker just by wearing a baseball cap.

This cap shows beakers eyes and nose and even has orange hair on top.
The back of the cap is orange to and has an easy to adjust size adjuster so that it fits almost anyone.

With Summer around the corner this fun Beaker hat will keep you and lots of people smiling.

Come check out all the details of this The Muppets Beaker Hat.

The Muppets Beaker Meep T-Shirt

Muppets Beaker Meep T-Shirt

The cool series of television and movie shows, The Muppets have many awsome characters. Do you have a Favorite?

If your favorite Muppet is Beaker then you are in luck, this is a t-shirt that features Beaker in a very unique artwork type of image and his classic line “MEEP” underneath him.

A very soft 100% cotton t-shirt that will be nice and comfortable aswell as durable and will be loved by fellow Muppet fans. Find The Muppets Beaker “MEEP” t-shirt in many sizes and colors to suit your personal taste.

Get your The Muppets Beaker Meep T-Shirt.