buy Hogwarts Express Lunch Box

Hogwarts Express Lunch Box

Harry Potter fans that want to bring lunch should check out this Hogwarts Express lunch box.

The Harry Potter lunch box is red and has a handle on top and on the front it shows the front of the Hogwarts Express train and the back of the lunch box shows the back of the train. On the side of the lunch box there you find a pocket with on it the Platform 9 3/4 logo and inside it you find a black metal water bottle.

This nice insulated lunch box is just perfect for all the Harry Potter fans that want to bring food to work of school.

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buy Hogwarts Alumni Backpack

Hogwarts Alumni Backpack

If you are a Harry Potter fan in need of a backpack then you have to check out this Hogwarts alumni backpack.

This Harry Potter backpack is 12 x 18 inches and is mainly black but the front pocket is light gray and has the Hogwarts logo on it and says “Hogwarts Alumni” on it and there is another cool tag too.

And if you need a Harry Potter backpack for school or work then a pencil case would be handy to and this backpack comes with a pencil case that looks like a letter from Hogwarts and that is extra cool for a true Harry Potter fan like you.

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buy Harry Potter Hogwarts Panties

Harry Potter Hogwarts Panties

If you are a woman in need of some fun underwear should check out these Harry Potter Hogwarts panties.

The panties come in a set of two and both are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and they come in sizes Small – XL.

The Harry Potter underwear are a boy short style. One pair is light gray in color with black edges and waistband and on the front you can see the Hogwarts logo and even the waistband says “Hogwarts” on it. The other pair is black with white edges and a white waistband that says “Hogwarts” on it and then on the black fabric it has many of the houses.

Now you can feel like you are part of Hogwarts just by wearing nice undies.

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buy Harry Potter Musical Snow Globe

Harry Potter Musical Snow Globe

If you are a big Harry Potter fan that likes something nice to remind you about the movie and books then you should check out this Harry Potter musical snow globe.

The snow globe is filled with the Hogwarts castle and there are lights build in so even in the dark the building looks amazing and then when you shake it there will be glitters falling down on the building like if it is snowing.

And then there is the base which looks like a rock with a picture of Harry and his friends on it and then below that there is a tunnel and from the tunnel you can see the Hogwarts Express appear and when the train is going there is also music as it plays Hedwig’s theme and both you turn on or off at the bottom of the snow globe.

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buy Hogwarts Express Logo T-Shirt

Hogwarts Express Logo T-Shirt

When Futurama and Harry Potter would meet then you get this Hogwarts Express logo t-shirt.

The Harry Potter t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and it comes in light grey and white and in sizes Small – 6XL.

On the shirt you can see a logo that says Hogwarts Express and in the middle you can see the steam train flying up. And yes this looks a lot like the Planet Express logo from the Futurama series and that makes it that the two worlds collide.

So if you like Futurama and Harry Potter then you should be loving a fun shirt like this.

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buy Hogwarts Thermal Underwear

Hogwarts Thermal Underwear

If you hate to be cold and love Harry Potter then you just need this Hogwarts thermal underwear.

You can use this as you favorite lounge set or sleepwear but it is even better in winter as thermal underwear so that you can go for a walk in the snow or going skiing while wearing this thermal set under you clothing so that you are toasty warm all day long while you know that Harry Potter is close thanks to this outfit.

The Harry Potter thermal underwear is made from 88% cotton and 12% polyester and comes in women’s sizes Small – 3XL and even has a thumb hole so that you will be warm all the way to your fingers.

And this Harry Potter set has the big Hogwarts logo on the front of the shirt and on the pants it says “Hogwarts” in big red letters and that all on the light grey fabric.

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buy Hogwarts Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Hogwarts Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Now Harry Potter can protect their laptops in this Hogwarts envelope laptop sleeve.

The laptop sleeve is available in sizes 13 and 15 inch and it looks like the envelope Harry Potter gets from Hogwarts to come there to school. The same design can be found on both the front and the back and really looks like an envelope complete with the Hogwarts logo and the red envelope seal.

And like any good laptop cover, this one has a nice soft lining that is made from a scratch resistant microfiber.

Now you can look cool to all the Harry Potter fans when they see you carrying this laptop sleeve with your laptop inside it.

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buy Hogwarts Express Mug

Hogwarts Express Mug

If you like coffee and trains then you should check out this Hogwarts Express mug.

The Harry Potter mug shows the famous Hogwarts Express train on one side and the other side is all about how to get on the train. Harry Potter fans know that you have to go on the train through platform 9 3/4 and that is what it says but the 9 3/4 sign can turn around as it is connected to a little beam in the middle and that is almost like magic when you see it on your next coffee mug.

The Hogwarts mug is 22 ounces and made from ceramic and both make this the perfect mug for at home and the office.

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buy Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Stocking

Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Stocking

Now there is a Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas stocking for all the true fans that need the perfect stocking for Santa to use.

This Christmas stocking is 19 inches tall and the stocking has a cuff with the Hogwarts logo on it and below that, you can see color full banners with on it all the houses of Hogwarts and all the way on the bottom you can see the buildings of Hogwarts.

So now you have the perfect Christmas stocking for a Harry Potter fan like you and I am sure it will look great above your fireplace and that it will fit in with your holiday decor.

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buy Harry Potter Wallet

Harry Potter Wallet

No longer do you have loose money lying around thanks to this Harry Potter wallet.

The envelope style wallet is great for storing your cash and cards and look so much better then what you are using now.

The wallet has black as the base color but there are big red and yellow parts making it a Gryffindor styled wallet and to top it all off they added a big Hogwarts logo on top.

Unfortunately, this is not a magical wallet that creates cash for you but it still is amazing looking and just way more fun when you use it in stores.

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