buy Pennywise Beanie Hat

Pennywise Beanie Hat

Now winter can come all thanks to this Pennywise Beanie Hat.

If the IT movies and books are on your favorite list and you don’t mind a clown then this hat is what you need.

This is a black beanie hat with pompom on top and then there are some white details and a lot of red details like red balloons and also the head of Pennywise and his face goes all around and then on the edge it even has the name Pennywise on it.

So wearing this winter hat is all about Pennywise the scary clown from the IT movie.

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buy IT Monopoly

IT Monopoly

Now you can spend a dark scary night playing this IT Monopoly game with your friends.

If you like the Stephen King and especially the movies made from the IT stories then now you are in luck as this Monopoly is based on the movie.

This Monopoly game is like the classic board game only everything is based on IT so no normal streets but locations from the IT story. Even the money and game pieces are related to the IT story.

So if you like to play a special game on game nights with friends then this Monopoly game is a great game to play.

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buy Pennywise Clown Face Mug

Pennywise Clown Face Mug

If you like IT and freaky clowns then drink your coffee in the morning from this Pennywise Clown Face Mug.

We all know coffee mugs and mostly they are flat and they come with images on it but this Pennywise mug is not like that.

This mug is actually shaped like the head of Pennywise and that will mean that he is really watching you when you drink you favorite beverage.

The IT mug is 21 oz and ceramic but as it is a clown you can not put it in the dishwasher or microwave.

No need anymore to have a boring mug because Pennywise is great as a mug.

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buy Pennywise Life-sized Animated Prop

Pennywise Life-sized Animated Prop

Stephen King is the king of horror and now you can get one of his masterpieces in this Pennywise life-sized animated prop.

This is an animated prop that is based after the scary clown from Stephen King’s IT. Find a very detailed Pennywise that I wearing the silver, white and red suit and an ugly scary face that only a mother could love. Of course This Pennywise character is holding the trademark red balloon.

When this Pennywise is fully put together it stands 6 feet tall and plugs into a standard (U.S.) wall outlet. This is animatronic so you will see the figures arms move, eyes light up and it speaks.

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buy Pennywise IT Movie Adult Costume

Pennywise IT Movie Adult Costume

Are you ready to scare on Halloween or dress up parties then here is the perfect costume a Pennywise IT movie adult costume.

This is a costume that is based after the scary clown character from Stephen King’s IT. Find Pennywise in a silver suit that has red pom pom buttons on the front. As well as a very scary ugly face that features a balding head of orange hair.

Included with this grand heritage Pennywise adult costume is:  A Shirt that has hook and loop fasteners at the front and hidden. The Pants feature an elastic waist band. The Collar is not attached and comes with a hook and loop fastener. The Mask is a whole head mask with attached hair.

Available in two sizes of Standard and XL. Each size fits a large range of different sizes so all can enjoy this amazing Pennywise costume.

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buy Pennywise 10 Inch Funko POP Figurine

Pennywise 10 Inch Funko POP Figurine

Stephen King’s IT has a terrorizing clown Pennywise and now you can have a 10 inch Funko POP figurine of this creatures.

This Funko POP! is very detailed and looks just like Pennywise based from IT 2. Pennywise has the yellow eyes, messy hair, white face with blood and is holding a paper boat that is named S.S. Georgie.

Made from a very high quality vinyl that is vibrant in color this Stephen King IT 2 is number 786 in the IT series from Funko POP!. Like all Funko figures you will get it in a collectors window box to keep it on display and in mint condition.

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